Passive Agressive 

March 05 [Sat], 2005, 17:59

PD: Can you hear that voices...?


Imagine... (Tic tac)
You will die. (Emotional Sickness)
...Since we`re feeling so anesthetised. (Spiders?)
Doesn`t really matter*s - Trash visual Dream. (I don`t care!)


Heaven in a tourniquet. takes it`s smile from every children.
Counting breaths inside me...
My body`s broken, yours is bent.
(Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed.)
Another love I would abuse...
I will f**k you up the ass and I will sneak into your room and cut your cock off and stuff it in my mouth and chew it up with my little teeth!. (So ironic)
Your eyes are almost dead...
Can`t get out of bed and you can`t sleep.
You look in the mirror. Is the silence in your mind.
You talk in paragraphs, you don`t have your voice. (Be quiet said Mum.)
I write my sentence, "ritalín" and the kids... Oh my brain!.
And you`ll never wake up.
Can you find me space inside your bleeding heart?.
My dark friend, can you hear me?.
-An introverted kinda soul.-
Remember me when you`re the one you always dreamed.
Because, well I`ve seen you suffer, I`ve seen you cry for days and nigths...
I`m a rebel and you are dumb.
With both of us guilty of crime and now we`re all alone.
Idealist voice, it`s all forgotten. Scream and animals, broken dreams.
You`re not like them and I`m tired to pretend... nobody listen this.
The sun is gone but I have a ligth. The moon come with us.
(It takes the pain away.)
Alone and sick, I miss you something rotten.
God in crisis, reast in peace.
Where has my heart gone?.
I can`t hear you.
...Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die.
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» Passive Agressive (2005年03月05日)
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