2007年03月27日(火) 4時31分
Here i am writing again,

at the moment i listening to music^^
and i feel bored >.<
i start today to learn again

so today i was searching,
how i can make an exchange
in year 2009 if i finish school..

it wasn't easy to find something,
but i found a lot of organistations...
i have one year time then i must
register(dont know the word) for it..
i think the time will going fast,
if i remeber the 2 last years^^

now i will going to eat,
and learn something {スマイル}
and then sleeping >,<

i hope you will have a nice day

oyasumi <3

*my dream is coming to japan *

sorriii ♥

2007年03月27日(火) 4時07分

sorry for late writing in blog,
i don't know the problem why
i couldn't go online here >.<

genki desu ka?
hmm...here it's getting
stressfull {グズン}

today i got many marks at school^^
they were good
i am happy now {パチパチ}

so what you did the last time??

we was with our class ice skating^^
it was funny {グッド}

i {ハート} figure skating!^^

Picture 1

Picture 2

ah and i bought new shoes(left in the up),
they are now very popular here
in germany^^

this foto we shoot in the railway?
i dont know the word sorry xD

well... have a nice day



2007年03月04日(日) 8時17分
here is one picture of fullmoon...

i think it is small but..
very beautifull

i go to sleep now

hello <3

2007年03月04日(日) 8時06分

how are you?
i am okay today!
i finished watching the movie
''one litre of tears''

it is the best drama i ever watched!

i was crying much

i hope u will seeing also anytime this drama^^

today i also read a little bit the
japanese grammar book...
it is very difficult for me
but i'll do my best!

i was sleeping to day so much xD
and i am always tired at the moment >.<

now i will uploading some pictures of my
mobile phone in the computer and put them in blog!

have a nice day!
and take care


2007年03月02日(金) 2時25分
okay i know his name now

''Ryo Nishikido'' xD

well see u then


2007年03月02日(金) 2時17分

genki desu ka??
desu ka!

so how was your day?
my was realy okay!
and school also!
i got today english vocabulary
test back...
it was good mark

hm..at the moment i watch
the japanese drama ''Ichi Rittoru no Namida''
do you know this?
i think it is very sad..
i watched the translation of it in english!
only 2 episodes

but very sad but good story!
one actor there is very cute
i fall in love with him^^

i hope i watch the other episodes too!

well have a very good day

bai bai ~
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