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January 07 [Mon], 2013, 11:28
The 781st chapter of the lunar new year, Shen Lang to the elders and friends pay New Year's call, but give yourself the Yuqing brother pay New Year's call time, Shen Lang also seemed to suddenly think of something, "brother, ask one thing, I was suddenly thought up, when you said that the niece is like Zhou Xiaoran, but the last to military time out of a niece, I was curious!The niece is there?""You!"Telephone side of Yu Qing long also temporarily tongue-tied, " Canada Goose Men's Langford;what do you want suddenly to ask this thing, when you at home and ask?"" Canada Goose Borden Parka Outlet;A little curious, man?Sometimes more forgetful Baby's Snowsuit."Shen Lang also laughed and said: "no other means, primarily through a gift when sudden emergence of this name, otherwise I will not remember."Yu Qing long in phone there humming twice, "this is my private affair, you better not to know a good, but you guys reflex arc but long enough, so long to think of it, you get what you say is good, but things have gone, you will be know well.""Hey, feel boring?"Shen Lang didn't get to the root of things "," brother, over a period of time I go to the hills above you, with you like something to eat."Then later, Shen Lang also call down, if not suddenly see the name Zhou Xiaoran, Shen Lang is really forget this thing, but this is his brother's business, and there is no need to ask myself so much, but also think about, it's no wonder that when first when brother always speak a little mutter and mumble.But not a long time, his brother's phone was hit, "you always say half, I also just woken, not Zhou people looking for you!""Should have this intention!I am not very clear, look, what do you mean, you want to say to help if I can see, you say don't help me does not matter, anyway, and I have no too big relations, I can only see your face all, other people attitudes can be ignored.""This is me you said the scandal!"Phone Yu Qing long is wry unceasingly, "to tell the truth!I do monks also because of the things, with the smile ran her mother has a certain relationship, the other you understand it, I don't want to say too much, if just laughed and ran his own thing, you do me a favor, if it is Zhou thing, you see. On the line, if not too difficult.""See, brother, I will let you satisfied."Put down the phone, Shen Lang is a wry smile, Zhou Xiaoran is not his daughter, this point I will have a grasp, but brother?May be out of work, there is also the possibility that a guilty mind, so uncle way appear in the week and before Zhou Xiaoran, this is it's only human, how many can still understand.Soon the Shen Lang contacted Hart, and this week Xiaoran met feel than the original, it has matured a lot, whole person also become neat a lot, but slightly to make Shen Lang some accident, herself in her side saw another familiar stranger, Xiao Mei, own old classmates, but also the original villa culture to the inheritance of Sir Hart Butler's betrayal, he really did not know she was here, really a bit unexpected feeling.In those days when they want to choose a secretary, therefore specially with Mr Hart out of this thing, but Mr. Hart rejected, you will not mention this matter, for Mr. Hart to the girls hate and love, hate is her first time can not insist live, love is the girl very spiritual, just give myself to exile, is really a pity.Shen Lang saw two, then also smiled, "laugh ran, happy new year, Xiao Mei, you happy new year."In fact, Zhou Xiaoran took Xiao Meilai's intention is very clear, that is to make the so-called family card, something to his lessons, and so many years of experience and understand their own, favor this thing is like drawing machine, save much more value for money, too much later, the it means less valuable."Three little, you happy new year."Zhou Xiaoran's attitude is very respectful, but Xiao gold watch station where Shen Lang, the way how to say?A little excited, many years are not met, the young or old, sometimes thought himself, if we had time to make a return, I will do it what kind of choice, if it is really so, yourself today and be like an ending."Shen waves hello."
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