It's time to・・・ 

2006年03月25日(土) 6時52分
I can't believe, but It's already passed two months
since I started studying TOEIC.
Tomorrow is finally the day which I take the TOEIC exam.
Actually I'm so nervous....
The reason I feel so nervous is obviously
I don't have much confidence.
So I don't think I can get a better score than I expect.

Honestly, I don't want to say anything like that.

Because my darlin' has waited for me to finish
my exam without saying anything.
He was always there and supported for me.
So even if I'm not satisfy with my result,
I should be happy with that.

Thanks Darlin'. I really appreciate you.
I am sure I'll do my best.

I can't chose.... 

2006年02月28日(火) 7時52分
What is the best choice for women life?

It's one of difficult problems for me.

Frankly, it makes me sick.

Valentine's day 

2006年02月19日(日) 8時35分
It might be the first time for me to seriously think about Valentine.
Come to think about it, I've never sent anybody the
chocolate which express my true feeling.
Of course I've experienced sending many chocolate, but
I think this time was obviously different.

All I wanted to do was to make him happy.
Anyway, I don't know if he liked it or not.
But I did as much as possible.


2006年02月06日(月) 4時42分
He is always surprising me.
Whenever I feel down, he always encourages me.
Every time I realize I'm happiest woman on earth that
I've met him.

Now I can't imagine my life without him.
which sometimes makes me nervous.
Therefore,I really need to have the strength to save my love.
Because I don't wanna lose him with my weakness.

Thanks Darling, You're already my one and only.

Why I like 

2006年01月30日(月) 3時30分
I sometimes ask myself why I like English
and have to study so hard.
And I talk myself into
because this is what I really want to do.

Are you serious?

I believe that this was exatly what I was looking for.
I realize that how whisy-whasy I am and how self I am.

And I noticed that I couldn't still get enough
satisfaction at all.
I really need to know the way to
feel to keep me lively every time.

I don't want to marry... 

2006年01月30日(月) 0時06分
Since I came back to Japan 3 months ago.
my granma keeps saying almost everyday that
when would you marry?

I don't understand that why she wants me to marry.
Is it happiest thing for woman's life?
I don't know why women at my age would want to marry
so soon. and also why they think it's priority in their life.
In my opinion, I can't deny that to marry is happy thing.
However I still have something I want to do.
and there are more important things in life.
I as same woman don't want them give up so easily their life
without trying something difficult.

Because I think there is no way to be happy.
I don't want to leave my happiness to anyone.
I believe that it's caught by myself.

So someday I want to marry without compromise and hesitate.

Am I happy !? 

2006年01月29日(日) 23時57分
I am sure that I am so happy, but I am so nurvaous today.
I don't know the reason.
And I am so lonely.
Maybe it's just temporary thing. I have to baer it.

As you know, I study TOEIC to get a high score.
Lately, I can't focus on studying English.
I wonder what the problem is....


2006年01月19日(木) 4時18分
I think sometimes that what a silly person I am.
Because I unconsciously feel like refusing or
ruining things really important to me.
I don't know why but I can't help it.


2006年01月18日(水) 5時07分
Since we met each other, we've always had wonderful time together.
I just can't believe it.
I actually didn't expect for the beginning that
we would go something like this.
He's still as amazing as when I first met.
No. I can tell he's getting better more than that.
All I hope is we'll keep going like this.
No, I just hope I'll be able to be with him the way I am.

Happy New Year ??? 

2006年01月03日(火) 5時43分
It already ringed in 2006.
I don't know why but I don't think that I am so excited.
I don't mean to complain and Of course
I think at least I am happy with that.

Why I'm saying that because I used to be excited
whenever I had a New Year.
However, this time I felt something new.
I think that it's all because I have a knowledge of what
I have to do in this year.
moreover, it's really substantial to me.

I'd say everything depends on it.
However I believe that if I can overcome it,
I will be happy.
So now It's clear all I have to do!!!
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