26 Oct. 2007 

October 26 [Fri], 2007, 17:36
My Break is nearly over...
feel strange

my life will be back to normal
wake up at 5 o'clock..
go to college..
talking and talking..
go home..

like always

my energy have been charge for my new semester
i'm ready to meet new friends and make friend with them
since i had been lazy for a long time


September 11 [Tue], 2007, 0:19
it's raining...

everybody forget about this blog already i guess

Thunderstorm is so scary
Tomorrow will come
i hope it is a lucky

Waiting for my lucky day when it'll come


April 01 [Sun], 2007, 1:10
miss u
miss u
miss u
miss u
miss u
miss u



I can't do anything


March 28 [Wed], 2007, 20:02
Left outside alone
Kind of used to this feeling
But i can't do anything except waiting...

So boring


March 24 [Sat], 2007, 21:16
The beginning of new life
maybe comtemporary


maybe permanent

Start of the day with fighting and crying
Continue the day with no emotion

Have no idea of making new friends

A-net score was ready...
It's so suck
Have no clue about Thammasart at all...

What is my goal anyway

last day* 

July 20 [Thu], 2006, 21:52
Last day in a lot of meaning...

Last day of..***...

Last day of mid-term examination.

I'm very want to go shopping to death.
But i got no money

I feel so blankly.

b/c of tests or something else?


April 22 [Sat], 2006, 8:12
Tomorrow is Prom day.......


.....don't u think it's too fast.

At 4th April,Nan's birthday,I told a guy "Happy Birthday".
Then,He asked me to go to prom with him back....

....2 weeks later....



I still never talk to him!
I always use my body language....
I will die..............


April 16 [Sun], 2006, 14:18
I bought my Prom's shoes and jewelry already!...

I had an appointment for my hair at Prom day already!..

I bought a bunch of makeup (not really but...it's a lot..)!..

Now i have everything...

Why i'm not ready for prom wa'!!!!!!!!!
I don't understand,ppl

Otherwise,I didn't talk to my date yet.
I mean i talked to him ,but we talk to something...
and it's not relate to prom at all...

I'm still nervous,sheesh!!

I hope he know how to dance....

b/c i know just ballet and a little bit cha cha cha
That's all....

17 years and 1 day* 

April 09 [Sun], 2006, 13:01
My birthday is so simple.

Wake up at 10 o'clock
Go to bathroom and brush my teeth

Then,call Oey.

Then,I got on computer ,and chat with Nan and Oey for a while.

Then,I decide to take a nap,but i change my mind.

I organized my room for a little while.

I fight with my host brother because he want me to play game.
What's the stupid thing in the world!
Who's want to play game with them all the time!

Just leave me alone for one day,Shit*

I was mad and upset about that.

I don't need any birthday present or people sing "happy birthday"'s song.
I just need people leave me alone for 1 day.
I want to do what i want to do and stay enjoy myself.

Please,don't ask me a question or pay attention about what i do.

I don't feel very well a'

I feel like i got a lot of pressure
from my host family that force me to study
and, from Prom that i'm so nervous about it.

What should i do

My sweet 17* 

April 08 [Sat], 2006, 13:08
My sweet 17~



I don't care at all.
Maybe I was used to it.

My heart is blank!
My head is blank!
My stomach is hurt!

I buy razor for myself.....how's poor.

1 year had pass. It's too fast.
I feel i'm stronger and more grow up.

And i wish....next year i will....no...i must

1) be more friendly

2) No nervous!!

3) have bigger boobs

4) Know myself what i want to be

5) Pretty

I'm so naughty
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