How do you care for long curly hair

August 25 [Fri], 2017, 14:20
For the MM of perm, hair care is a key step, or damage to the hair after perm will make your hair look dry without burnish, but this will let the man of god you liking plummeting oh! Maintain han style with long curly hair, the following nursing tips are quick to learn!

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1. Attention should be paid to hair dryer
In the use of hair dryer to blow curl, should pay attention to the hair root to blow in the direction of the tail, otherwise would be the head of the skin of the skin of the cortex to blow over, causing the hair to suffer the damage that could have been avoided.
2. Choose a lotion containing almond oil
A solution containing almond oil can increase the strength of your hair and make your hair healthy and rich.
Brush your fingers and brush your hair

Comb hair to comb hair can have injury to hair, use 5 fingers instead of comb from forehead to comb from forehead to back of forehead, can make the head part of the hair is shaggy, look more natural.
Strengthen nourishing care
After washing the hair to want to use hair element or hair film to nourish the hair to undertake nurse, this can effectively alleviate the dry condition after the hair is burned, become natural and have burnish.

Curly hair dye hair color
To build a Korean type of long scroll not only need to have the shape, but also need to dye to achieve the finishing point effect. Here are a few of the han style with long curly hair and the classic look of different staining to make you immediately highlight the goddess fan!
1. Long and red brown in large waves
Big wave long roll with red brown let a person look elegant and romantic whole, the MM that wants to go to a ripe female style is a good choice.
2. The long roll with brown in the side
The long curly hair of the side is placed in two buccal department can repair the face, brown is to lift the effect of skin color.
3. The long roll with flax in the middle part
Medium gives the temperament that gives a person mature inside, tie-in flax color adds a distinguishing new maiden's feeling.

4. The long roll of air is changing and changing color
Air liu hai is the modelling of the current big heat, add medium long curly hair dye becomes gradual change color lets you one second girl feel explosive, many han river star likes dye to become gradually change color, the return rate is very tall!
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