Have to study 

February 28 [Mon], 2005, 22:33
The 3rd week started. I recognized that taking 5 classes makes me busy in studying. But compared with last Fall semester, I enjoy taking classes because all classes I'm taking are very interesting and interactive. Though I am quite often confused at during class, my interest in business and communication is increasing rapidly.

Today, I had Public Speaking and Organization and Environment classes. In PS class I can learn how to organize and prepare for a basic presentation, and I can also give 4 presentaions as a practice. That will be very useful and beneficial for me not only because I will be able to give a good presentation in the end of this semester, but also because my English skills---speaking and wtriting---will improve if I work hard to do in the class.

I have to choose a topic for my first presentation to inform. The topic should be a "science". Right now I'm thinking of "green tea", "Japanese cell phone", "Sakura"(cherry blossom), "soy milk", or "coffee". If possible, I wanna inform my classmates of Japanese something. But I have to care what topic is interesting for my classmates. It is difficult to decide a topic because I cannot imagine what they already know and what they wanna know.

Anyway I have to read very long assignments for tomorrow's women's study class from now on....

Second week 

February 21 [Mon], 2005, 23:56
Public Speaking---We gave small speeches in front of classmates to introduce our each partner. Somehow I was't nervous so much. Though my speech wasn't very good, I was gald to have an opportunity to "practice" presentations. In other classes I have to give some presentations for a kind of "study" or a "research", so this class will help me to succeed. I think this class is fun and interesting because classmates are funny and atmosphere in class is good.

Organization and Environment---After learning some theories about an approach of organization against environmental changes, we did simulation(a kind of competition) by making small groups. We created a new hotel with a particular concept and made several decisions such as events, location, advertisements, and so on to succeed to manage it. I think this class is very exciting if I can deal with English very well because other classmates seemed excited. But actually I couldn't understand meaning a professor said and I didn't give any ideas or comments among our team. Bacause time was limited in competition, we had to communicate with other teammates very quickly and effectively. How can I do it??? I'm slightly confused...because I need much more time to understand a matter and express my opinions than native speakers. I don't have idea to manage it. All I have to do is improving my English, isn't it???

After the class I spoke to a Japanese girl who came here from this semester. Though it was the first time that we talked, we chatted for about 1 hour. She is a transfer student.
She was also confused at the MGT class. Anyway we have to help each other in this class to enjoy!!!


February 19 [Sat], 2005, 23:30
Today I really wanted to go to a bookstore by my bike, but I didn't...I couldn't in fact. Because of HEAVY rain When it's rainy, my feeling is gloomy the same as weather. I didn't study today, so I have to do tomorrow because I have lots of assignments to do.

I made a simple sweet with lemon and chocolate. And for dinner, I cooked "oyako-don"(a big bowl of rice topped with chiken, onion, softscrambled egg, and special sause---soy sause, 2 kinds of sake, and dashi ) and vegetable soup. I think the name of "oyako-don" is a kind of funny. "Oyako" is a Japanese word meaning "parent and child." The relationship between egg and chiken is parent and child. That's why it's "oyako-don." I really like it. Taste is good and easy to cook.

1st week finished 

February 18 [Fri], 2005, 23:07
Finally I finished the 1st week!! I am so happy

Public Speaking---The teacher told us class assignments. We will give 5 kinds of speeches (speech to inform, speech to persuade, special occasion speech, small group project presentation, and final speech) and have 2 exams. It seems hard, but actually, I'm looking forward to having these opportunities because I wanna tell my classmates something worth. After that we introduce ourselves with our own partner. i enjoyed that time

Tonight I attended the pizza party of international students. Though there weren't so many people, I enjoyed talking to my friends. And I met 4 new Japanese international students there. Although California is the most popular place for Japanese to study abroad, there were less than 10 Japanese in the last semester. So I was very surprised at the number of 5!!!

After the party we played ping-pong until 10pm. It was so fun

The second day 

February 15 [Tue], 2005, 23:57
9:40- Women's Development and Lifestyle Choices---I was surprised that in this class, comprising over 30 students, there is only 1 male student. We have to read 5 books and have 6 kinds of assignments.... I'm not sure I can manage it. I have to consider if I will drop this class or not ASAP.

11:15- Organizational Communication---The professor speaks very fast but her pronunciation is beautiful. I met a friend by chance in this class. I was glad to see her because we haven't seen each other for a long time since Fall semester. Most students are Communication major, so it is challenge for me to take this class. But hopefully I will enjoy it.

Spring semester 

February 14 [Mon], 2005, 23:52
Classes begin today. In this semester I will take 5 classes(15 units)---2 Communication classes, 2 Management classes, and 1 Gender Study class. All of them seem very interesting, but maybe it will be hard for me to take 5 classes. I have to consider whether I drop 1 class or not.

9:00 Public Speaking---I wanted to take this class since I was in Japan because I was very interested in the way of presentation and communication. I was surprised at the fact that most American students don't like this class. I think the Americans are good at speaking in front of audience compared with Japanese.

18:00 Organization and Environment---This class seems interesting, but in fact, I couldn't catch the words a teacher said. He spoke very fast... I don't have any knowledge of Human resources, but I will do my best.

Today is my roommate's 21st birthday Happy Birthday---


February 13 [Sun], 2005, 23:48
My friends and I went to an Italian restaurant for our dinner. It was the first time for me to go to an Italian restaurant in America!!! I love pasta very very much In fact I eat and like almost all kinds of food like Japanese, Chinese, American, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican.... Anyway I can't find food that I don't like or can't eat. We enjoyed dinner there and crammed untill we couldn't eat any more.

Tomorrow our classes will start I'm in a gloomy mood a little bit But I hope that classes will be fun and exciting!!!

My first class starts at 9am, so I have to go to bed right now


February 12 [Sat], 2005, 23:53
Today I made a chocorate cake called "sachertorte" which is traditional in Wien and very popular among Japanese as one of Valentine's gifts. I have eaten only DEMEL's sachertorte. It is so nice!!! I like to cook very much and almost every day I cook a meal, but I don't make sweets so much. So I wondered if I would make a good cake at first.
It took a very long time, but I am satisfied with a finish!!! I will give it to my friends tomorrow:) I hope they will enjoy having it....


February 12 [Sat], 2005, 4:33
I decide to write in this blog in English for improving my writing skills. I don't know whether I will continue, but hopefully I will. These days I realized importance of "continuing" something. I hope to improve my skills or technique by keeping a diary.

Tomorrow I will make a chocolate cake for St. Valentine's Day:)
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