in love 

February 24 [Wed], 2010, 1:52

long time not written here (again)
im sary about my love. im so jealously! and that brakes it.. :(
it's just cause i really love him so much. he's my everything. and i don't want to loose him.
i think he likes me less when im like this. that makes me so sad. hope he never give me up, cause i think i love him much more than someone else could do!

hope the best for our future. :)

<3 in loveeeeee


October 09 [Fri], 2009, 7:33
im lying on my boyfriends bed. he's doing his homework now, cause we're going to malorca tomorrow evening. it's 12:35.

i d'ont know what to think about me. i'm a bit dissapointed from myself. i thought i were stronger. but when the point is about david, i can't controll myself :(
im going to despair..

a day a word 

June 20 [Sat], 2009, 3:59

today i've worked until 17:45. i was so damn tired.. and tomorrow on sa. i have to work again 'til 12:00.
avter that, i will go to learning english. |D'
i'm just looking forward to the night tomorrow. :///3 it's a rainy day~ 

look *3*~ marrr<3


June 14 [Sun], 2009, 2:46
it's saturday . i am at home, nothing to do. my boyfriend is out wirh his old shoolfriends :( i could go out with my friends too but i am so listless! i'm sad. i would love to be by him.. im so sad.

hellooo :D 

June 12 [Fri], 2009, 1:05
ow my dear, a long time not written here.. (who cares)

i don't have any time.. not for me and even not for my friends.. on WE's i meet always my love david. i have so much fun with him.especially when the sun is shinning <3 love to going make a fire wirh m. <3 SHOKOBANANAA <3

wer'e going to greece on august. i'm looking so forward *3*'<3

i wish i could see my friends more than i do. but at the moment i neeed my boyfriend more then someone else. without him, i feel so empty. and im angry when he's not near by me.~ 

hope my guy's are fine. miss you dears.

i can't anymore 

February 19 [Thu], 2009, 1:33
i can't anymore.. with my stepfather. i really hate'm. i wish i could go away from here. but i won't let my mother alone with him. i just want my love by me. my mind is hurting. i'm a bit excessive at the time

i want silence..
and i want to be independent



February 13 [Fri], 2009, 6:12
wuhu :D i was by my shatzibohne this week.. holydays.. it was really love! we wanted to going to snowboarding but the weather was so bad :( so we pas the time at home. no,, we were out, in kino, shopping and mh.. we had alot fun <3
i see'm tomorow again. im so looking forward! he's sleeping now xD aww.. im gong to sleep 2.

last days 

December 12 [Fri], 2008, 5:38
soo what i've done last days...?~
i had an little accident on the work.. my tumb is died ;0; look

it was on monday x.x next week i can take the shitt off...

i've made 2 piercings.. i wanted 2 on my thoad but my mother is a beliver ~~ and my boyfriend doesn't wand I have one in my lip.. ;_;' so, i've made 2



DIO 19.11.08 

November 20 [Thu], 2008, 8:03
today DIO was here in Zurich!
I was on the autograph signings.. i was the first and the last one who gets one ;)
they are such great peoples <3 I really love them :)
especially DENKA-san .. i drew a denka-portrait for him ..and he was happy about it ^^
Mikaru-san is great too.. He really rockz!! i love his smile so much >///<'
i like them all.

the concert was just awesome as the last time.. i was the first, so i could pick the place i wanted.. i stud in the middle.. i always could hug mikaru and the other who stud there :D
hot hot hot... i really had FUN. hope see them again soon..

but i wish them a little bit break.. they was 2 times on tour this year ..:( poor DIO..

Thank you guys!!



long time no i-net- new mac 

October 15 [Wed], 2008, 6:41
damn it. i was couldn't come online for a long time x.x'
but now i have a new mac! it's so beautiful.. i will make a picture tomorrow :3
it's so late..23:42! i have to sleep.. i must stand up on 5:30 tomorrow.. i have to wortk.. damn it, i'm so tired.

my MAC sushi
it's really beautiful *3*

and big.. <3

so i go sleep..bbye <3
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