Israel was to refer to improper treatment of Palestinian minors suffering from traumatic stress disorder

March 15 [Thu], 2012, 17:19
The international charity organization Save the Children on the 13th in the West Bank reported that the most was the Israeli military seizure after the release of Palestinian minors are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
ralph lauren
Since 2000, more than 8,000 Palestinian minors have in the West Bank the army detained, some of whom also received a military court.
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The investigating officers recently visited the 292 who have been to the party detained and eventually released Palestinian minors.
Save the Children consultant eya Abd-al-Lai quarter, 98 percent of respondents said they had been subjected to physical violence or verbal violence of the Israeli soldiers. More than 90 percent of respondents minors suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, for example, afraid to leave home, anxiety, nightmares, bedwetting, etc..
According to data provided by the Palestinian human rights organization Defence for Children International, 2301 Palestinian minors last year, was detained in square. At this stage, there are 170 minors in custody.
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Save the Children reported that the majority of Palestinian minors in custody for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers.
The army spokesman Arye Sha Lita told the Reuters reporter: "The 13-year-old Palestinian boy who sometimes threw stones at the Israeli side of civil or military vehicles. It sounds like these children are arrested by the Israel Defense Forces, but we do not understand , they are very violent.