Meteorite smashed through from heaven Norwegian cabin owner to sell the meteorite or fortune

March 15 [Thu], 2012, 15:06
Oslo, Norway, a family was surprised to find a meteorite fell from the sky, penetrated their garden hut. Reported that the family may be able to sell meteorite issued a small fortune, used to repair the roof.
ralph lauren
The expert from Norway said that this meteorite, weighing 585 grams, the rupture may be observed on the ground from March 1 on a large meteorite open, fall in this household. The meteorite fall when hit this workers' residential areas, the roof of a cabin of the Thomason home, broke in two.
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According to the astrophysicist Ede Gardner and his wife, astrolithology enthusiasts Sandnes identification, the composition of this meteorite is a breccia , which isa mineral rock fragments of rock.
The Sandnes told reporters: "This is sensational news. A meteorite falling through the roof, which seldom happened; In addition, because the meteorite blocks of breccia, the more difficult to find." She said. the meteorite masters want it to stay in Norway, may be placed in the museum.
Researchers library of the Paris Institute of Astrophysics, m said, meteorite crashed into the atmosphere, usually rupture, but the debris crashed in a residential area is very rare. He also told reporters: "This family is very lucky. First, because the fall of the meteorite did not cause much damage, other meteorites also value a small fortune."
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A website quoted the words of geologist A Musen, such as a meteorite from Mars, the per gram value of 5,000 kroner (about 5555 yuan), but do not know this piece of Oslo meteorite where it comes from, is not very rare.