I'm with you umbrella?

January 21 [Tue], 2014, 13:00

The fleeting time round, you have scattered in the sea side, how I back, always cannot catch up with the pace of you. Those memories, hong kong massage like the movie, again, in my mind, a curtain seems, but never come back.

The moon don't surprise magpie, wind at packing. The night the moon gentle touch in full bloom, dream a dream, carrying a heart of shame, a curtain, any time a finger across the idea. It seems, led me to the West Lake -- stagnation in the total makeup for your dream......

Also, the lingering heart light up affair, like your beautiful and gentle. Yellow rice paper, the series has faded handwriting, put your face clearly depict in my mind, mouth muttering to call a thousand times name, let me obsessed with the idea, but the breaching of the dike, Yixieqianli, unable to stop. In this life, how shall I broke Nagensi your string!

The wind blow, shoot, sobbing noisily, wind some helpless, miss, to deep red. I alone in the dark night, smeared with colors of the heart, the end to a back hand heart, color and. Dim, you smile still, I frequently look back, want to take you to my heart; trance Tianya, very close distance, reach the moment, each other but lost his mind g-suite cardinal.

Night cool, plastic paper white sand, the wind drift, accompanied by the breeze from the Lai Lai revel in your pretty smile, gently lifted a moment for your beating heart, suddenly discovered, you to smoke flower, enchanting smiles back, six palace powder woman no colour.

For you will not stop, let the tumultuous time become lonely. Pick a cloud with Chunyang, unlimited scenery, slowly through the fog, arouse Xiaguang Road, beautiful scenery in the world, save a life of misery. As the ideal setting for a couple in love times into Huan, windblown petals, falling in lover's heart. And I, a person lonely Ying flower in spring, warm static month nightside, Yong such as the Hui. But the heart of the world, Ergonomic chair mind the vast sky, midnight shadow in the long wait slowly yellowing, sad sorrow soft heart a and hesitation.
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