as I had expected .I wonder is Mao Jianfang

November 20 [Tue], 2012, 12:13
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult the subscription of the author greatest support Yang Yihe to ask a day two areas of violent collision ,Yang field although more powerful ,but it cannot completely suppress to ask a day ,thus broke out in the aftermath of the terrorist ,diffusion and from all sides .
Some students watch field mutual collision ,erupted the terrorist forces ,was afraid of being affected ,then rapidly receding . The Yang actually practice out of the field, this is really incredible ,he is after all how practice ? Every time the Yang brings wonder and surprise ,this is no exception, he is so mysterious unmeasurable ,rumors that he and You Fengxian go out ,did not know exactly where ,actually promoted field, this is not the same adventure to create .
,seem to Yang field than to ask a day field is more powerful ,it is even more amazing, the two of them are about the same promotion field environment ,how a field powerful than to ask a day so much ? Yang He ,cannot have the common sense of speculation ,to ask a day met Yang ,also feel helpless ,Yang is his nemesis ,every time by Yang Yi .
These students are there were many discussions. ,they like watching a monster watch Yang ,they in Wu region also have heard of many legends of genius ,but neither genius ,nor like Yang Yi such is legendary in nature, even martial domain all genius, nor make a spurt of progress of Yang Yi practice .
Bang Yang and to ask a day two fields collide again once, two people are rapidly receding ,quietly standing in the void ,use in the field ,who also how not who ,seem to be close .
But to ask a day is very grim ,he has go through untold hardships finally promoted to the four heavy field environment ,this is to will Yang Yi thorough trample, recapture his glory ,but did not think Yang Yi is practicing out of the field, he also feel helpless .
To ask a day was so dark ,cold said: Yang ,did not think you have also achieved the four heavy field environment ,is to despise you ,but you thought you really win ?Well, I think you do not know your situation ,two friends ,you have to hide what time? Yang Yi move, he looked around ,suddenly ,from the crowd instantly flew out to two light ,two figures ,the two Yang Yi is a familiar ,the left ,with a white face ,it is his defeated jade Tiancheng ,whereas on the right side ,let Yang Yi somewhat surprised ,actually is Mao Jianfang .
Oh? Jade Tiancheng ,hair Jianfang ,did not think you two went to Wu domain . Yang Yi eyes with a squint ,he looked carefully at the two ,the two people really is and he disputes is very deep, two were Yang Yi to beat ,and Yang Yi hatred is not less than to ask a day .
Jade natural light : Yang ,did not think of you are so bad, just enter the Wu domain spells out so great fame ,I am inferior to you jade Tiancheng faint voice was revealed a sense of confidence ,in fact, Yang had already in the careful observation ,he found the jade day Mao Jianfang has achieved the four heavy field environment .
For the jade Tiancheng ,Yang or understand ,he can always realize that field, thus promoted to the four heavy field exit ,which is no doubt ,if not jade day became a discipline to the dead ,he already became the four heavy field environment master .
But that Mao Jianfang has also achieved the four heavy field environment ,it is to let Yang Yi by surprise ,although Mao Jianfang outside traveled for a long time, but its quality is not very strong coach outlet sale, from the four areas of habitat should also have a long distance ,but now it has achieved the four heavy field environment ,this is Yang Yi feel very strange UGG Women's Classic Cardy Boots.
Jade days into his face and a faint smile ,he smiled : is it right? Surprise ,in fact you need not accidental ,if not dead ,I already achieved the four heavy field environment ,but is defeated by you ,also let me for cultivation way more cautious ,there are people ,knowledge is infinite.
,only you really had to know .Therefore ,the Yang you now was too exposed ,it against you ,you may now planted a somersault, or good for you . Speak with fervour and assurance at jade Yang Tiancheng ,a laugh : ha ha ,what a joke ,someone outside the person ,knowledge is infinite.
,this sentence is not wrong, but definitely not you ,wants revenge ,shameful ,need so many excuses ?Jade Tiancheng ,you Xiu field exit did not surprise me ,as I had expected .I wonder is Mao Jianfang ,you can also repair field, is a somewhat curious yang Canada Goose Womens Chilliwack Parka.
Yang Yi has set his sights on Mao Jianfang .Mao Jianfang now looks very calm ,see Yang Yi looked to him, Mao Jianfang only smiled and said: I can make the field ,but also more thank you .
Yang ,you let me suffer the stigma ,but I am not downhearted ,instead, you let me have infinite power and source, you have made these stimuli ,I then comprehensive hundreds of years of travel sentiment, one to get a thorough understanding of the four domains UGG Dylyn Boots.
But you put my pain and humiliation ,today ,I will also give you a this three people formed a triangular potential, will Yang Yi to surround the inside ,this time Yang Yicai knew ,why when he came back ,each met his brother look are some strange ,it is because of his three rivals have promoted to the four heavy field environment .
Ha ha ,good ,good ,good three statue of field boundary master ,but whether you have had many adventures ,today no longer have a miracle ,you three can only regain glory ,in contrast ,today you will be shame ,because you met is my Yang Yi ,met me, you would be doomed to failure .
Yang Yi straight, high standing in a void ,but a general be secure against assault . Hum ,really mad two ,no more nonsense ,so arrogant person, he must be severely trampled on, let him taste was defeated ,the glory of all pain to ask a day with eyes like a knife ,his eyes are full of malice and hatred ,he almost put Yang Yihen into the bones .
The three statue of field Master have widened their field ,was formed in a large net, will Yang Yizheng was inside, but Yang Yi actually grow howl ,followed by the field crazy expansion ,stubbornly resist this three statue of field Master suppression .
Between the field against although seemingly calm ,but most is dangerous, because once the field is broken ,the inexhaustible strength is almost instantaneous march into ,can be each other to drown .
Yang Yi field is three great master field together to suppress ,has almost reached the limit .Perhaps the Yang Yi field can be strong here before any master ,but did not match the three statue of field .
The Yang Yi field is merely repressed ,simply can ,it has almost reached the limit of Yang Yi . Hum ,and large millstone ,field, give me a break Yang Yimeng shouted ,his soul to erupt the horrible force, blowing like a storm ,rapid agitate Yang Yi arm ,a great millstone appeared out of nowhere in the void ,and constantly rotating towards to ask a day ,he rolled away .
Break into there is no doubt that broken ,there is no suspense ,in a world of big disc before Yang ,ferocious invincible power ,a small area is natural to be instantly tear .But in the Yang will be to ask a day field tearing ,Yang field was finally broken by Mao Jianfang and jade ,natural areas will be instantly to covered up Yang Yi .
Yang moment feel his own strength rapidly weakened ,and even received some imprisoned ,the void big disc also instantly becomes bleak incomparable, originally fierce invincible strength also disappear in smoke .
To ask a day a laugh : ha ha ,Yang ,you are areas covered ,today is your day at this time, to ask a day have reason to laugh ,but also happy laughter, he became a field environment ,nature is the most clear once the friars were enshrouded ;field after the scene, a strength can only play a few ,the three of them together, the moment will be able to hold the yang .
Yang eyes flashed a fine awn ,sneered : to ask a day ,is it right? You happy too early, this field will want to suppress Yang ?It Yang style phantoms ,breaking a figure rapid changes, the moment he appeared in the twenty-five figure ,then the twenty-five shadow overlap up ,instant erupts as a terrorist forces are mountains fall and the earth splits .
The power of twenty-five times as billow wave ,direct to destroy all day ,Mao Jianfang and jade Chengdu feel a morco against terrorist forces ,their fields even in severe shock ,seems to be readily broken generally .
Well, good terrorist force ,pressing ,hard pressed jade eyes flashed a fine awn ,he felt Yang Yi burst out the so terrorist forces, there is be taken by surprise ,they did not think ,they thought of early UGG Mini Bailey Button Paint Splatter Boots,but also did not expect that force would be so terrible ,even field suppression seems to topple the mountains and overturn the seas is generally ,if not ,they can imagine ,enough to tear everything .
two small areas ,broken Yang Yimeng a roar ,he is like a wild beast head fierce general ,to struggle out of bondage ,he gave up .Bang up ,the light areas appear very fragile ,was the fist instantaneous detonation .
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