another year has started 

January 04 [Sun], 2009, 23:53
I can’t believe it! The year-end and New Year holidays are over. Ah, time flies. I have to go to the office tomorrow. Overtime work is waiting. What should I get started from for the first business day? I’ve forgotten what I did on the last day in last year. I must be busy in another two weeks at least. Whatever, I have no choice. I’ll do them all perfectly! Oh, but I can drink Japanese sake tomorrow, which is called “OMIKI”. It is sacred sake which is drunk by Japanese people especially on the first three days of the year to celebrate the new year and offer the sake to the gods. In the case of our office, we don’t offer it to the gods though. We just drink it up all. Anyway, I should take care of myself to stay healthy.

article about afghanistan 

January 03 [Sat], 2009, 23:54
Yesterday, I wrote about the Israeli air strikes on Gaza. According to today’s news, they, I mean both of Israeli army and Hamas, still continue to fire on each other. Furthermore, the President George W Bush blamed Hamas reportedly. If the thing goes on, Israel may deploy its ground troops on Gaza. It will bring only the worst. I wonder world leaders don’t have any good strategies to avoid the worst situation and end the disputing.
I read other article regarding Afghanistan. A British soldier was killed by bombing in Afghanistan when he went his routine patrol. He got engaged to his girlfriend on the day he left to Afghanistan. He still was 25 years old. He was too young to die. I am disconsolate about his death. I can’t help thinking of his promised feature if he had gone back home alive, he would’ve married her and had his children. It’s too sad. May his soul rest in peace.
When is Afghanistan able to manage their own country by themselves without foreign troops? When will the day come, when a young afghan man won’t have to shed tears of frustration and anger saying “Why does it have to be like this? Why is my country so miserable?”, a little girl won’t have to ask foreigners for money. The number of children who die under the age of five is still one of the highest in the world. Even though they can survive, they have to walk the streets asking foreigners for money.

air strikes on gaza 

January 03 [Sat], 2009, 1:30
There is the full of seemingly-happiness atmosphere in the public mind because the new year has just begun. But the Israeli troops have not stopped the air strikes on Gaza strict and also Hamas has continued to launch counterattacks. A lot of innocent people are killed. When do they stop these attacks each other? How many people are they going to kill until the end of the conflict? Reportedly Palestinians in Gaza have been suffering the lack of water, electricity, food and medicine and other lifelines because all of lifelines are under Israeli government control. In addition, most of them have to live on less than one dollar a day. The jobless rate in Gaza is quite high. I am rally sad when I see the pictures which innocent people’s bloody bodies lay down on the rubble or streets. I hope, someday, there will come a day when they live together with respect each other’s right, culture, idea and diversity.

new year's resolutions 

January 01 [Thu], 2009, 23:52
I think I should write my new year’s resolutions on this blog, it’s a typical thing for today though.

1. write my blog as much as I can at least 10 times a month
2. read English newspaper everyday at least for 30 minutes
3. prepare and review for English lesson
4. jog three times a week and more than 100 km in total a month
5. get up at 7 am in weekdays
6. go to bed at 12:30 at least
7. stretch everyday before bed
8. do sit-ups and squats everyday
9. be nice and patient
10. do not be impatient
11. enjoy myself at everything I do
12. do my best
13. clean up my room regularly and keep clean my room

The above I wrote is all my resolutions for now. I can’t come up with anything more so far. I’ll spend this year with having them in my mind.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy new year.

busy week 

December 28 [Sun], 2008, 23:51
Last week was one of the busiest weeks in the year for me, as everyone else did. I had to organize the party for the last business day of the year and it was the Christmas week so I had plans to go away with my boyfriend and friends (it was really the season I had to keep an eye on my calorie count, right?), it meant I couldn’t work overtime, you know, we had many things to do for terminal accounts though. That was why I was busy.
But I’m glad to say that we had a great time in the party. We drunk a lot of delicious wine and ate nice food until 3 am. I was really sleepy. I went to bed at 4 am. It was so bad for my skin. Well, I thought it wouldn’t be a big trouble because it was only once a year that I got back home such late night (it was almost next morning!). I just wanted to have fantastic time with my co-workers, cos I organized everything!
But it was so tough for next day, I had to go 10 km running and write many new-years cards. I had a regret that I had to go back home earlier if I wanted to run next day.

red cliff 

December 22 [Mon], 2008, 22:15
I watched a movie, Red Cliff, with my boyfriend last weekend. I like Chinese history actually, and the three kingdom era is the most I like. So I was looking forward to seeing it. The battle of Red Cliffs is one of the biggest and the most famous battles in the period and also in the whole Chinese history. There are speculations, political maneuverings, tricks and military tactics during the battle and these complicated situations still now make its story entertain many people. Then despite the army Wu and Zhuge Liang led was far outnumbered by the Imperial Army which was led by Cao Cao, they won with good general. That’s why the battle is so famous in Chinese history. There were so many highlights in the movie though, the seen of the Eight Trigrams Formation was the best, which is one of military formations that deploys troops in the shape of turtleback. I was able to understand how the Eight Trigrams Formation was finally, I couldn’t imagine about its formation well until I saw the movie. But the movie might have been a bit different from the original novels. This time is part one of “Red Cliff”. Part two will be showing next May.

too much is for one, not enough for the other 

December 21 [Sun], 2008, 22:21
Last week, my headphones for my mp3 player were broken. It was maybe disconnection. So I went to Bic Camera to buy new one. I wanted canalphones. But there were many canalphones lately. It made me be confused how to choose headphones I wanted. I’m not the kind of person who demands many things about sounds, so I didn’t need expensive headphones.
Firstly, I decided my price range, it was around 5.000 yen. The shop displayed products in the order of popular selling items and I checked the best selling product and next one. I wondered which the best cost performance product was. Then I asked a sales rep. He recommended the best selling product. According to him, the headphones had really good performances as much as the double-priced product. I bought the best selling headphones after a lot of wavering as I took his words.
But I regretted buying them when I got home and opened the package. The cord length was too short, and then I had to connect the extension code. I hate to connect it because the part of connection becomes a bit heavy. And I had wanted L-shape headphones but I bought V-shape headphones. I had completely forgotten to check those points. I have no excuse about it. I know I was stupid and it was my fault. I don’t know why I bought them without checking it. I have only this phrase, “Devil made me do it.” OMG!

leaving the hospital 

December 21 [Sun], 2008, 18:43
My father discharged from the hospital yesterday at last. He needs to go to the hospital to check his condition constantly, but I’m so glad that he gets back home anyway. We can have a great holiday season together.
He told me that some people who are staying hospital don’t want to go home even if they get permission to discharge the hospital from their doctor; because those people live alone and even if they get back home, they have to manage all household chores and take care of their selves. It must be though things for them shortly after having surgery. I feel sorry for them.
There is nothing more valuable than good health though, sickness gives us chance to think many things, for example, the importance of family and good health, the future of myself, the anxiety that I may lose important people and, above all, I’m strong gratitude for spending New year’s time with my parents.

addictive personality 

December 17 [Wed], 2008, 23:47
When it comes to my negative quality, I’m also the kind of person who tends to overdo exercises. Last year, Billy’s boot camp, which is one of the famous exercise DVDs in the US, became so popular in Japan as well and then I bought it like other people and had been doing it everyday. In fact, I wasn’t good at doing any sports when I was a kid, but I changed that I liked doing exercises a few years ago, so I liked doing the boot camp and did it every midnight even when I came home late, but unfortunately I couldn’t catch up with it physically in contrast with my mind. Therefore I had autonomic nerve imbalance. I was really disappointed by myself. I had to take a rest for a while afterwards. You know, I started jogging this year. At first, I was skeptical whether I could jog; because I wasn’t good at running when I was a student. I was lack of stamina compared with other students. But so happily I grasped the techniques of jogging, since then I got really into running. I was so glad that I could run for a longer distance that I expected and refreshed, additionally I was getting in better shape. I was completely addicted to running. I did it four or five times a week even though my muscle couldn’t be ready to run almost every day. That’s why I injured my right knee. I overdid it against my running level. It’s too bad to overdo anything for my health. I’ve got to be careful not to overdo anything anyway.

negative quality 

December 17 [Wed], 2008, 0:19
My negative quality is that I’m disorganized. There is no problem in business, I mean I have a sense of responsibility and am a well-organized person in so far as business goes, but in terms of my private life, my apartment is really messy. When the weekend is approaching, the clutter of cloths gets bigger and bigger. Therefore I have many wrinkles on my clothes, so I have to iron my wrinkled shirts, skirts and pants every time before I wear them. I have no idea where this character came from; because my parents have neat habits. My parents’ home is really clean and organized. It’s perfectly mirror-opposite from my apartment.