The rainy day 

June 03 [Fri], 2005, 18:04
Long time no see my BLOG!

Finally, rainy season has coming. That's why my hair is so sllopy. But, Because "The rainy day" ,that is song of CARAWAY, is very suit now. It's good :-).

Yesterday, I and my friend visited my poor friend. He broken bone. That is Why He is poor boy. I really thought injury is better than disease of the mind. So he may be have a painful but, It was good that He seems to be in good spirits. And I bring Pickles, Sauerkraut, some sausages. Then we eat these and talk and talk.

I hope he makes a quick recovery.

Moving Units 

April 03 [Sun], 2005, 14:00
Yesterday, I went to see a "MOVING UNITS". I had been looking foword to seeing them. But their sounds were too loud to listen comfortably. I put the tissues in my ear. I think P.A. might be bad. That's too bad.

The band I thought it's good enough was "VHS or BETA". I see them like "The Cure". Espesially vocal was how like Robert Smith to sing. And music was a little bit similar to "The cure". Because I love The Cure, I saw happily.

traffic jam 

March 28 [Mon], 2005, 22:53
On saturday I wanted to eat TOMATO-TANMEN ,when I awoke. that's the why I went down to Ekoda by car. But I got caught in a horrible traffic jam! It will arrive in 50 minutes usually. However,It taked 2 hours saturday.... Where does all of cars go...
I(and friend) were very hungry,when we arrived at the restaurant. So dinner is quite good!!

・・・Finally, it might have been good.


March 23 [Wed], 2005, 0:20
On sunday,I went to party in my boss's house.Then,I met Mr.Andoh ,He post a comment to ECJ's blog often, for the first time since last summer.I surprised that I heard He lives near my house.we might have passed each other!

There was short storytelling performance. I'm sorry it was difficult to understand all English. But his voice,performance,and sounds were very nice.
And There were a lot of other people.they were all very nice person. I hope I will meet them again.

I do enjoyed this party. Jeff and Lisa,thank you so much for your invitation.

bright eyes 

March 19 [Sat], 2005, 0:32
I went to see Bright Eyes. that was great. His Backband used Steel guitar and played slide guitar. So they were made smooth sounds. But,Only Coner Oberst and Drums made very vivid sounds. I feel that contrast is very nice. That is why I thought great.

In Liquid Ebisu,today's Livehouse, I and friend met Mark. He is American. And he loves US indie musics. and we too. So we became friends. I hope we will meet again in Livehouse.

good night.
I have to wake up early tomorrow morning.


March 18 [Fri], 2005, 0:16
I wanna use "picaso"in my blog's URL. but.....I made a mistake the spell. because I was in hurry,you know. So it became "piscaso". I'm sad.


March 17 [Thu], 2005, 23:46
I start to wright to English diary from today. But I 'm not goot at English... So... Please read with your kindly heart. And when my English isn't natural, please correct it.

By the way, Tommorow is a day I'll go to see a Bright Eyes(He's from US). I have been looking forward to seeing his performance. I wish tommorow come at fast!

I hope I would finish my all work until 18:00 tommorow...
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