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August 09 [Fri], 2019, 11:20
This creates a uniform, natural tension on the muscle and gives a smooth look without having a pulled mouth or having any tissue bunching by the hairline. I apply the first anchoring suture at the angle of the mandible (jaw), followed by double-layer interlocking sutures. Furthermore, this proprietary technique mitigates the "pulled" look that is sometimes associated with a face lift surgery. Sadati's research paper on his signature technique has received very positive feedback from his peers and he has been invited to lecture at several prestigious medical conventions including The American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Sadati M6 Clips Manufacturers described it by saying, "I use a double-layered interlocking suture, which gives you multiple fixation points and ensures that over time, the tissue will stay in place and not lead to early tissue laxity. Sadati's new technique or for conference details, please visit ." He adds that, "It improves any kind of neck, from a neck with minimal laxity to the heaviest and the most difficult neck."

On the cheek area, I'm only tightening the facial muscle twenty to thirty percent.

The "Double C-Lift" for facial rejuvenation provides a durable, natural-looking lift with a quick recovery. In my abdominoplasties (tummy tucks), I was using a double-layer plication, and despite great forces exerted in the abdomen, the plication did not fail and I thought perhaps I could apply that same technique to the face. As I move down toward the jaw line, I increase the tension so that the muscle at the jaw line is one hundred percent tightened.) May 27, 2012 - Orange County Plastic Surgeon Introduces a Breakthrough Face Lift Technique at Palm Springs Medical Conference

Palm Springs, CA-- Board certified and Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. At the conference, he will also discuss how using the Double-C Plication technique can offer several advantages over traditional facelift procedures.
In his presentation to colleagues, Dr. Patients also receive oral sedation with Valium and Benadryl. This procedure also lifts the jowls and provides an excellent lift to the neck. Sadati developed his technique after a number of his early face lift patients returned to his office for revisions due to post-surgical tissue laxity or bunching.

Since there is minimal bruising, no drain is necessary and the exterior sutures are absorbed by the body."

Dr. Dr. Sadati is expected to report that the average revision rate is less than one percent among his 1,535 surgical patients."
He performs the surgery while patients are awake using the local anesthetic solutions of Lidocaine and tumescent infiltration. This month, he will be honored to speak at the 2012 Annual Clinical Assembly on the topic of his new lower-facial rejuvenation procedure. Also, in order to create a natural look without giving that 'pulled look', I learned to apply gradual tension with various vectors (direction) on the muscle."

During a recent interview, he explained that, "In order to learn how to apply this double-layered plication technique to the face, I did cadaver studies and discovered it was possible to adapt the same plication technique used in an abdominoplasty to the facial muscles. Sadati stated, "I decided to change my technique to something that would avoid failure of the plication. Dr. Sadati as a facial muscle-tightening technique to provide his patients with a younger and more refreshed look.

Because it is done under local anesthesia, there is no need for general anesthesia or its side effects. Kevin Sadati will discuss a revolutionary new technique at the 96th Annual Clinical Assembly of the AOCOO-HNS. The breakthrough surgical approach, known as the "Double-C Plication," was developed by Dr. Recently published by The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr.
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