Patient's pregnancy is confirmed

August 09 [Fri], 2019, 12:11
The Philips AVENT range of breast pumps help you do so for as long as you like, as easily as possible.

There is nothing better for your baby than the health-enhancing benefits of breast milk.

The FREE-TO-REGISTER Emma's Diary website is packed with useful features for pregnant women and new mums and dads on practical subjects ranging from how to prepare a family pet for your baby's arrival, to bonding with baby, getting your pre-pregnancy shape back or coping with crying.

And there is a mobile version of the site available for Smart Phones so you can check up on everything wherever you are!

The site covers celebrity baby news, and family finance issues with handy live links through to essential HMRC information pages on maternity rights, benefits and grants.

This is just one of the baby competitions currently features on the Emma's Diary website along with useful pregnancy information, features and tools - like the due date calculator.

Emma's Diary website has some major trusted-name partners who have their own areas packed with practical information on everything from choosing baby equipment to breastfeeding, weaning, nappy rash, baby skin care and lots more.

To complement the breast pump, the Out & about Set includes an insulated travel bag and cool packs, perfect for storing and transporting expressed milk and other bits you may need while out and about.

Best of all the site has lots of links to money-saving coupons, special deals and free baby samples with new offers coming along all the time. Members of one of the UK's leading FREE pregnancy and baby websites, Emma's Diary, can win one of 10 Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pumps with hydraulic cylinder types a useful Out & about Set. This valuable and trustworthy guide for mothers-to-be is considered by professionals as the essential guide to pregnancy.

Entering the competition is simple; members can just click on the link in the Baby Competition zone of the site for a chance to win, and joining the site is FREE is by the same people who produce The Royal College of GP's popular and award-winning handbook Emma's Diary which is handed out by GPs when their patient's pregnancy is confirmed.

And you can chat with other mums and give feedback on what you'd like to see on the site with the live forums.

You can use the site's automatic calendars to work out your accurate due date and sign up to get weekly reports on your stage of pregnancy.
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