rAiN rAiN gO aWaY 

June 21 [Wed], 2006, 0:55
iT beEn raIniNg fOr thE pasT fEw dAys...
pOOr HaNa haVe bEEn veRy dePreSSeD coS sHe caN't gO oUt aNd plaY
sO aLL sHe cAn dO iS tO pRay thE raIn tO sTop qUickLy

sPrInG tImE 

May 12 [Fri], 2006, 2:47
yEstErdaY waS a suNNy sPrinG daY sO yosHikO deciDed tO gO foR a waLk
& exPolre tHe NeighBouRhOOd....

sHe waS sO haPPy whEn sHe saW thiS flowEr coS iT matchEs hEr blUe
cOlor haIr

sHe waS exCitEd whEn sHe saW thE wHitE & pInk chErry trEE coS
iT reMinds hEr oF jaPaN...
aLL thEsE pHotograpHs wEre tAken duRiNg hEr waLk...
hOpe yoU wiLL liKe iT

wInteR dAy 

March 13 [Mon], 2006, 1:37
hI i'M SaKuya...tHis iS mY 1sT tImE sEEinG sNoW
hOnesTly...I nevEr exPecT iT lOOks sO beaUtiFuL
hErE aRe thE pHoTO thAt wAs taKen thIs moRninG

tHaT's mE staNdinG rIght inFronT oF a tRee coVer wiTh sNoW
dOn'T i lOOk swEEt hehehe....

Let iT sNow, leT iT sNow, LeT iT sNow... 

March 13 [Mon], 2006, 0:36
laSt niTe thEre's a HeaVy sNow fAll iN sCotlAnd aRounD 12aM iN thE moRning...
tHiS moRninG wHen i wOke Up...tHe wHolE areA whEre i stAy wAs coVer wiTh
thIs waSn'T my 1St tIme sEEiNg sNoW bUt i'vE NeveR sEE sUch a BeaUtifUl
hEre aRe sOmE pHotos thaT i'Ve taKen & i liKe tO sHare wIth yOu guyS
hOpE yOu eNjoY mY phOtO

thiS phOto wAs taKen iNsiDe tHe houSe whEre i Stay..lOOK tHe wHolE arEa
was coVer wIth sNow

thIs pHoto waS taKen oUtsiDe tHe dooRsteP thAt's tHe miNi gArdeN
coVer witH sNow

oN thE riGht hAnd siDe oF thE phOto iS whEre i sTay

tHiS is hoW thE whOle hoUsE lOOk likE

sNowMan rIghT aCroSS thE hoUse

"dArlIng bLyThE" 

February 28 [Tue], 2006, 22:42
tOdaY, i'vE reCeivEd mY "daRlinG blYthe" bOOk whIcH i OrdEr fRom
hoBBylinK iN jaPan tHe bOOk iS a liTTle biGger thAn "deAr BlYthe"
iN siZe aNd muCh moRe cOlOrful. thE cOver feAturEs blytHe relAxing
iN hEr liVing rOOm fiLLed wiTh hEr wondeRful tOys & joYs.
tHis iS a grEat bOOk tO disPlay iN yOuR bOOksHelf. iT wiLL suRe mAke
yOu haPPy throUghOut tHe dAy
LEt's taKe a liTTle pEEp iN tHe bOOk...A seCtiOn oF tHe bOOk
iS liKe a maGaziEe iN whiCh BlYthe iS feAtuRed As a mOdel.
FaShion stOrieS feaTuriNg oUr beAutIful gIrl iN variOus cLothEs &
alSo cAptUre hEr eleGaNt siDe aS weLL a quiRky hoUr bY hOur
docUmEntAry oF tHe buSy moDeL. thiS seCtion coMes wiTh aDs liKe rEAl
magAzinEs. You juSt cAn't tEll whiCh aDs aRe rEal & wHich arEn't
its aLL fOr fUn
AlSo inclUdEd iN thE bOok aRe tHe perSonAl
joUrnaLs wriTTen By tHe partIcIpaNts oF tHe "princeSS JouRnEy" tHe
natiOnaL tOuR iN whICh BlyThe traVeLLed thrOughTouT tHe cOuntRy
to mEEt hEr faNs. iT iS wOrth reAding
mOreOver, unrElEasEd phOtOgrAphs Of chArity fasHion doLLs
disPlayEd iN tHe "aRt aTTack ExhIbItIon" aS weLL aS wOrks By tHe
wiNNerS oF "2005 wiNner'S ciRcle" tHe phOtO coNtEst heLd
oN tHe BlytHe oFFicial mObile sIte aRe alSo incLuDed
nOt tO mEntiOn aLL sOrts oF eAsy-tO-maKe seWing paTTerNs
fOr BlyThe aRe oFFered wIth cUte paTTerNs thAt cAn bE aRRanGed
iN varIous wAys fOr thOse oF yOu wHo loVe tO seW clOtHes &
surprIsIngLy sImPle & eaSy paTTerNs fOr thOse Of yOu
wHo hAve neVer seWed befOrE wAnt tO gIve iT a tRy.
tHe teXt iS wriTTen In bOth JapaNeSe & iN eNglIsh
sO iT woUld bE a grEat giFt fOr yOur frIeNd abRoad
iN shOrt, thiS iS a mUst haVe fOr bLyThE fAnS.
bE sUre tO gEt oNe


February 21 [Tue], 2006, 22:22
yestErdAy waS mAdoNNa's 2nD siNglE releAsed... 'SORRY'
theRe'S 2 cD aLL togetHer.
cD 1 : sOrrY (radiO vErsiOn) & Let iT wiLL bE (papeR faCes voCal edIt)
cD 2 : SoRRy (rAdiO vErsIon) , soRRy (mAn wiTh guiTar miX) ,
SoRRy (PSB MaXi mIx) , SoRry (pAul OakeNfoLd ReMix) &
SoRRy (grEEn VeLvEt ReMix).
hOnesTly, aLL thE mIx werE awEsomE
iF yOu weRe madOnna'S faN. yOu wOuldn'T waNt tO miSS iT
iF noT yOu wiLL bE 'soRRy' foR noT buYing thIs aweSomE sinGle

iN loVe wiTh hEr 

February 17 [Fri], 2006, 23:16
reCentlY i stArt tO coLLecT petitE bLythe aS oNE oF mY
fAvourIte coLLecTioNs iN tOys.
tHis iS oNe oF thE petiTe blYthe tHaT i aiminG.
"TaTiaNA bLacK"

isN't sHe adOrabLe!!!
jusT a sHort inTrodUction oF hEr : sHe iS thE coUsin oF PoPular peTiTe
bLythE "caSSandra bLack". sHe gOt thE saMe eYe colOr aS
"caSSandra bLacK" purPle iN coLoR. sHe's weaRinG a loliTa faShiOn & pInk
iS thE kEy cOlOr.
heR naMe iS aNNa. sHe iS rOmanTic & bEautIful & hEr dreSS aRe rOse pInk
iN cOlOr. shE cOmEs wiTh a rabbit rUcksacK and
the French type LacE aroUnd hEr bOnnE & sKirt.


February 13 [Mon], 2006, 4:43
WeLComE tO mY BloG

You wiLL bE aBLe tO reAd sTuFFs LikE mY nEw tOyS oR DoLLs tHat i
BOughT & alSo mY pERsoNaL thoUght iN liFe

hOpefUlly aFter rEadiNg mY bLog, yOu cOulD sPaRe sOmEtImE & LeaVe
sOmE cOmmeNt oR tHouGht oN mY blOg

ThaNk yOu
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:JuNiOr
  • アイコン画像 性別:男性
  • アイコン画像 血液型:A型
  • アイコン画像 現住所:国外
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