2005年02月25日(金) 7時37分

Northern Delicacy 

2005年02月24日(木) 12時15分
Lunch at Northern Delicacy located in Richmond. It has fancy design, the food was OK, not too bad. But it was expensive, a few snacks and a main course, it costs the 4 of us almost 300HKD. However, it definitely deserves a second try

The Million Dollar Baby 

2005年02月23日(水) 15時30分
Watched this movie on Saturday nite. Really did not expect the ending would turned out like this. It was quite sad , even holding my tears. It has some violent and gross scenes,but at the same time it was emotional. A must see.


2005年02月23日(水) 13時18分
Feb21/2005 Saturday, [Restoration Hardware] at Robson.
好鐘意這種款色的浴缸。 希望將來的家能擁有這樣的bathroom, 用來minimize stress 就最岩


2005年02月23日(水) 10時53分
Feb 21 / 05 @ Stanley Park.

I really love the climate in Vancouver, not too cold, not too hot. It's so beautiful today, the bigblue sky. This is the picture which ,I like the most. 好像"我的驕傲"Believe me I can fly , Im singing in the sky

Surprised ! 

2005年02月23日(水) 10時18分
好神奇﹐ 竟然俾我買到[交換日記8﹐] 終於有齊晒了。 The other one is [我愛條衫] ﹐講D野都好似幾得意 講下作者係日本的所見所聞 以且封面都很吸印呀。 好晤好睇就仲未知 希望完成之後能寫返幾句感想喇。

Vacation time 

2005年02月17日(木) 11時46分
Yeah! Im so happy! Finally done with the midterms. My holidays will start from Friday till March 1st, that's yummy !!
Havent been feeling well these 2 days, got diarrhea. No idea what causes that, it may the outside food Ive been eating lately, or the soup ??
Will try to enjoy my reading week, cause after that, it will be like living in hell.

Is it just me ? 

2005年02月11日(金) 2時50分
Is it just me? Or people are really like that nowadays?
有時真係晤敢相信世界會存在著這種人。 這一種人 鐘意係人面前危落 nei; 等人傷盡自尊。 有時甚至會口沒遮蘭; 講説話HURT you;。 竟然講出來的説話等於傷害別人; 為何要講。毎個人都有 bottom line, 所以講野晤好去到甘盡。如果這個人應為做埋晒D小動作係會令自己開心D, well, just let it be. 我信恩果循環 這一句説話。 我晤會攤牌 , 亦晤想係朋友面前講衰"這個人"。 能做的只有遠離"這個人"。 我晤鐘意係人面前做戲 , 晤鐘意就晤鐘意。 都甘多年、it had reached my bottom line, enough is enough
或者所有事都係自己既問題 、當自己沒能力接受別人的諷刺話。 係一段關係裡我明白到 分手的晤只係情侶 朋友亦都會分手。


2005年02月10日(木) 7時53分

究竟要等到幾時!! 好想快D擁有套PUCHI Sample , 仲有クークさんKitchen !


2005年02月10日(木) 6時41分
It's Chinese New Year today. May the year of rooster brings you health, success and joy.
Today it's just a typical day for me. Special occasions are getting boring, I cant no longer feel the excitement. Maybe it's because Im getting older ? I wonder..
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