2006年03月03日(金) 5時19分

ロリータ23区 did a new hp-update with such gorgeous pics ヽ(^〇^)ノ i really like the new make up!

+ 176BIZ started their new hp and introduced the 3 new members ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

and the weekend is near! i`m looking so forward to it:
- watching ハウルの動く城
- and i will get more piercings~ yay~


2006年02月28日(火) 23時39分
how i thought my haircolour failed (*´д`*)ノ and by now i have some kind of dark brown it`s o.k. but i think i have to colour x-thousend times till it`s the light colour i want
here is what it looks like (and there`s not really much to see!)


*proud* my japanese is getting better (´ω `;) i can understand more now! i`m learning busy as a bee *laughs*
and i see i`m posting to many entries about my fav. food (*@ω @*) who cares!
this is my latest addiction! ROMBISS X3
found it again after some years and it`s totally love! ...but strange name!!
well~ that`s all for now


2006年02月26日(日) 21時10分
well i got really nice breakfast today:

but i had to stand up so early to get it *laughs* and it was so expensive (*´д`*)ノ

+ i will try to colour my hair in some red-brown-colours today cause i need this for my cosplay

and again: aya my dear!!! i luv ya for my weblog

first entrie~ 

2006年02月26日(日) 5時11分

finally my yaplog! (thanks to my dear aya ヽ(^〇^)ノ)

did some new photos with kitty yesterday!
you can find more in my livejournal or @ mexx if you have access!
maybe i`m going to post some more in future-entries :3
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