Christmas is over 

December 26 [Fri], 2008, 18:47
I haven't written here in a very very long time.
I shouldn't neglect it so much, even if it happens that nobody reads it.

I still want to learn more Japanese. I hardly know anything.

I spent a nice Christmas with my family. I got a new coat. It is nice and warm and plaid. I hope it gets cold enough to actually wear it!

Next month, on January 31st, I will go visit a friend in San Antonio. That's around 2 1/2 hours from me. We will go see BLOOD for their final tour. Also with them will be DJ SiSeN and GPKism. It will be fun, but sad that BLOOD is disbanding. My sister really love them. It will be our second time to see them live. I'm hoping to take some good pictures as well, now that I have a better camera for shooting live shows.

It's very late here, 4:02 AM. I think the last time I posted here it was also very late. Or maybe it is very early? Hehehehe.

I haven't been very productive, which I suppose is okay since it was a holiday.

I wanted to write a story, but somehow I was having perverted thoughts and didn't want to reflect that in my story. Hehehehe. It is supposed to be a nice, sweet story, not a story of lust. Though I know some people would like that. I haven't written that kind of story in a long time either.

Eh...I will end here and get to bed then. I don't have to work, but should avoid sleeping through the whole day anyway. I do have other things to do.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


so bored 

March 12 [Wed], 2008, 18:04

It's so late that it's early! 4 A.M.!

But I'm not sleepy. I'm bored because I can't decide what I want to do.

I've been taking care of my twin sister since she has been sick since the weekend. So she doesn't feel up to playing around with me. DX

I am taking her to see the doctor tomorrow. Maybe she will give my sister some medicine to make her well quicker. I hope so.

It is so dull without her to laugh with me about stupid things.

I am getting a new camera to practice photography. I hope I will do well. Actually, the camera was delivered to my parents' house today. I will pick it up tomorrow. *excited*

The new ナイトメア DVD has been shipped and is on the way to me right now. I can't wait to watch it!

I guess that is all for now. ._.

おやすみ なさい!

About Valentine's Day 

February 15 [Fri], 2008, 16:51
I spent my Valentine's Day working at a flower shop!

I was the delivery girl! I drove around and delivered lots of roses and balloons and candies to lots of different places in my city. It was my first time working at a flower shop and my first time doing any kind of delivery job.

It took all day to get everything done, but it was fine because I like flowers and it made me some extra money too. XD

I hope all of you who may see this enjoyed your Valentine's Day as well and received many loving messages and wishes and maybe some yummy chocolate as well.

Me, I didn't receive anything special. But I did eat a delicious cupcake after dinner, so that was my treat for today.

My friend who lives in another city will come to visit tomorrow and stay for the weekend. I'm very happy and looking forward to it.

That is all for now, but I would like to say hello to the few people who have visited my blog, especially...

Peggy-san. I don't know if you will see this or visit again, but if you do...

hello! Maybe someday we can be friends. That would make Lacy a very happy bunny.

lazy day 

January 07 [Mon], 2008, 16:50
I keep staying up too late and then sleeping in too late. I can't seem to get to bed before 5 in the morning, then I want to sleep until 3 or so in the afternoon.

I feel like I've become a vampire, living like this.

But I can't keep that up because I have to start looking for a new job so I can pay my bills. It would be really bad if my electricity, phone, and internet got turned off. I'd be sort of lost.

So wish me luck for tomorrow! I have to start my job hunt! Let's hope for a job I can work during the day and have weekends off for my other job and volunteer position.

Hahaha. Even my cats are already asleep and I'm still here, not ready for bed.

Well, maybe tomorrow will be the start of something new.

Until next time...


January 01 [Tue], 2008, 12:23
It's about two and half hours until the new year starts!

I have a feeling that 2008 will be a fantastic year and I already have some plans made and ideas of things I want to do with my time in the coming months.

I hope all of you who have already celebrated the new year had fun and are doing well! Don't drink too much, okay? XD

I'd love to make some new friends, so feel free to say hello!


First Time 

December 30 [Sun], 2007, 12:15
I've had this blog for a while, but never used it until now.

I live in the USA and have been here all my life. I understand very little Japanese but would like to learn more and meet new people, especially since I love listening to Japanese music.

My favorite band is ナイトメア.

There are really a lot of bands I like though. I will talk about them later.

This is all for now because it already took me a long time to get everything set up since I was using a translator the whole time.

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