Update Update: I have moved! 

2006年02月26日(日) 20時22分

Please please update your links accordingly! I have changed my blog to http://princessb3ar.blogspot.com/, and I wish to check who links to me through Technorati, so please, please update your links now, or, if you haven't done so, link me! :D That'd be so nice of all of you!


2006年02月19日(日) 21時13分
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Technorati Profile

Your kind assistance is needed : ) 

2006年02月16日(木) 14時46分
For all the people reading this who knows me, help me out, will 'ya? That'll be so kind of you :)


Help me fill up my 'Johari's Window', which will show me what kind of a person I am.

**Remember to leave your real name, or the nickname I know you as.**

I will post up the results on the blog on March 15th, after I have successfully collected all the results.

In case you can't click on links, I will paste the URL for you as follows:-


Love you all to bits! :)

Adapted from Chen Sheena's Journal

p.s. Leave a tag on my tagboard to know that you've done it, Ok? I'll be keeping tabs! :D


2006年01月19日(木) 16時00分
I don't know who to thank, but I am thankful for these:

I am thankful that I can type, write and draw what is on my mind.

I am thankful that I can walk and run to where I wish to be.

I am thankful that I am able to attend a school with all my friends and join in on activities with everyone.

I am thankful that I am able to eat, chew and swallow whichever foods I wish to taste and enjoy.

I am thankful that I have control over each and every single one of my body movements.

I am thankful that I have received much help from many individuals along my life so far.

I am thankful that I can live every day and that I have the power to fulfill any of my dreams.

I am thankful that I can say "I love you" to those I love, and say to my friends how much I cherish them.

I am thankful for everything that has been given to me, and has not been taken away from me.

Thank you.

Purikas with Liling! 

2006年01月08日(日) 19時25分
It was Christmas Day and I met up with Liling~!

Whoa, too white (;゚Д゚,)

I kinda like this one! (^ω^)

More of us~ (≧ω≦)

This pose actually turned-out very nice, but we didn't get to edit it because I didn't notice it was not edited! ( ̄◇ ̄)

Kylie Minogue "Showgirl" DVD Launch Party @ Zouk! 

2006年01月08日(日) 17時44分

I won! Anyone else going???

Of Phones and Crystals.. 

2006年01月08日(日) 17時37分
I went to revamp my phone yesterday! If it weren't for lack of funds I would have done up my whole phone in pink crystals! Argh! A swarovski crystal costs $2??? Can someone tell me where I can do up my phone in crystals at a cheaper price???

Nonetheless, I love my pink baby!

After community service... 

2006年01月08日(日) 17時22分
Liyun, Madeline, Joanna, Michel, Janet and I headed to Orchard to shop around while Michel was looking for the perfect shoe for Countdown~ Just a random picture we took outside Heeren.. Liyun was buying Old Chang Kee while Janet went to Bugis to meet up with her mum and sister for Chinese New Year clothes-buying...

Girl Power! Don't they look cute? Joanna, Michel and Madeline!

I bought quite a few accessories, Michel got a pair of white heels and a 'bling-bling' ring, Madeline bought lotsa Mickey-earrings while Liyun settled for Hello Kitty earrings which I woud have gotten if I weren't so broke, haha!

I got to arranging my accessories lately... Take a look... They aren't much, but I hope I can collect as many as possible.. One of my hobbies include collecting accessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and I hope that one day, 50% of them can be of crown-designs, haha!

A clump called "Accessories"...

This is the Earrings, Rings and Brooch side of the accessory tray... I used a keyboard tray as the accessory tray because it's easy to access, just pull open and you get the whole bulk laid out nicely in the morning!

This is the Bracelets, Necklaces and Pendants side of the tray! I know, it's not as much as a store, but I hope one day perhaps, I can hit that kind of standard? haha! By then I would need a glass cabinet to keep them!

Community Service Day @ Toa Payoh with AC11! 

2006年01月08日(日) 17時10分
I apologise greatly for lack of updates, been up to my neck in school and fun lately! Let me tell you all about my class community service trip to Moral Seniors Home at Toa Payoh on 30th December 2005!

Thanks to Clarissa and the rest of my friends who all made the effort to plan and prepare everything for the big day!

Photos are courtesy of Jiaseng, President of Temasek Polytechnic's Community Service Club, who generously took my camera and bothered to take photos of the whole event! Here are some of the exciting pictures!

It started off pretty gloomy on a school holiday Friday morning 8.15am at Braddell MRT station where we gathered to go to the venue of the Christmas party we were holding for the old folks at Moral Home, but we kept our spirits high(somehow), and prepared everything...

After Clarissa's briefing on the event programme outline, we started off with a English-Malay-Chinese introduction to the people and continued with the game Bingo, which they incidentally called "Toto".

Things went upwards then on, where suddenly we had the old folks smiling and all, and we were all partying/laughing along while giving away prizes and asking them to pass balloons around and introducing themselves..fun! Refreshments were prepared for them as well, and I hope everyone involved had enjoyed themselves!

Here's a group photo of us! I look so dazed

Updates Quickie #2: Christmas Eve and Day!~ 

2005年12月26日(月) 6時34分

Christmas Eve: Went to TP in the morning with Janet for Japanese Cultural Group's Christmas movie screening! We caught the movie "Be With You". Tearjerker. Had me crying almost one-quarter of the movie away!

They had a lucky draw, and I got 3rd prize: Watsons Olive Shampoo Conditioner set... Also went to try my luck at their Lucky Grab Bags, which I got a whole set of Gundam Seed: Destiny 2's small figurine set of 12... cool~

Went to meet Stanley and Liling at Bugis and I found this ring, so pretty! I love crowns~

Xmas Day: Met up with Liling at Causeway Point, then Stanley came and we headed to Bugis to take Purikas and then met up with Huixiang and Dino before heading to Shaw Towers for dinner and Chronicles of Narnia.

My take?? The movie was exciting towards the end, really had me wanting to jump into the movie to shout and scream while punching Edmond continuously in the face for being such a silly boy!!

When Lucy went to Edmond, who got stabbed by the White Witch, Beng was very funny. He said, "He's already waited so long. He needs help." Even the row seated behind laughed out loud at his remark, which was made in Chinese...

Liling, Stanley, Beng, Darren, Dino, Kai, Huixiang and I headed to 4facedBuddha for a real dinner, and we laughed till Liling couldn't eat her food properly! Left for home at 10.40pm.. packed my bags for chalet till 5.30am!

Ok, I'll be off to Darren's chalet till 28th Dec, till then folks! Take care!
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