2007年07月21日(土) 23時17分
July 16 was our 2 years anniversary ka.
I really wanted to meet you na.(>_<)

Today I watched "TOKI WO KAKERU SHOUJYO." ka.
The movie was really great.
Please watch the movie if you find it in Thailand na ka!

Ponchan, i have to say sorry to you ka.
I didn't use e-mail address
for a long time,,,

my data...
my data............(>_<)

deleted ka... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I kept your first e-mail !!!
I kept all of your e-mail naaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


really shocked kaa.....


gomen ne...

I couldn't tell you about it for a long time ka..
since last week....
gomen gomen gomen gomen gomen

ponchan gomen


for me i worry about i couldn't talk with you for a long time.
so I worry about your feeling for me.

In fact i can love people easily,,,,so I try to keep my feeling for you.
Now daijobu.
I'm keeping my feeling for you.
I love you ka.

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!!!
I'm looking forword to meet you in Thailand.
kiss kiss.

thank you teacher pon 

2007年05月06日(日) 9時46分
Thank you teacher pon.
I think you are good at teaching.
Your technique is really suggoi ka.

I wanted to study about style sheet,so I really interested in it yesterday.

Because I used style sheet by copy and paste, so I wrote down like this.

I thought it was not good ka.(>_<)

I'm looking forward to study next time with you na.


Your duck chan {アヒル}is really cute na!
Want to hug it too!{ラブラブ}


2007年04月11日(水) 0時02分
today I went to my part time job kaa.
I was really tired because of a lot of customers came to my shop
It made me like this na.
You said you are also tired today.
After finish taking bath,we'll go to bed togethere tonight naaa
Hehehe,sorry i didn't take a bath yet.
After writing this diary i'll take a bath na.

ee,pon... I forgot na.
when you sent me your first e-mail in E-pal??
I think may b May 1 na.(wow near near)
And I asked you kun roo naa~ July 16 2005 kaa.(2year ago naaa!)

I think you are kind for me now kaa
so I'm glad na kaa.
oh,I 'll take a bath.

see you!

White day 

2007年03月15日(木) 1時50分
It was "White day" in Japan Today.(March 14)na.
It was my mother's birthday.
And It was my parent's marriage anniversary of 25 years ka.

I gave her
as a birthday present ka.
she is 50 years old now.
My brother gave her a single CD that she like na.

We ate Sushi and cake today.

White day is like a Japanese boy's Valentineday ka.
Because in Japan,Valentine is for girls only na.
Girls buy chocolate and give it to boys.
So boys don't do anything.

Do you remember this chocolate?

I cooked it na ka!

Thank you for your kind words. 

2007年03月07日(水) 1時18分
Thank you for your kind words.

I made mistakes a lot today.So I was really shocked about it.
Then I mailed you,you gave me kind words.
It mada me relax and good feeling.
I can study from my faults.
Thank you na ponchan.

I also have a part time job tomorrow.
So I'm ganbarimasu

kobkun na ka

I met Natsumi 

2007年03月04日(日) 0時55分
I met natsumi today.
I talked a lot with her.

She went to HAWAII with Ouji.
Ouji is one of highschool friends ka.
Natsunmi said that,
"Hawaii is like a Okinawa.But Okinawa' s sea is more beautiful."

She said that there are a lot of Japanese people in Hawaii.
So she didn't speak English in Hawaii.

Next time i wanna go to somewhere with Natsumi ka.
(Of course after i met you na ka!)

If you come to Japan,lets talk with her na.(in Japanese and English.)

i went to my part time job 

2007年03月01日(木) 0時51分
I went to my part time job today.

I left my house at 4 pm to arrive at my working place in time.(4:50)

I like my working place now.

Because they are really kind for me.

All of them like to take pictures.

So I enjoy talking with them.

I have to remember a lot there.

For example,how to talk with costomer,how to open films,how to change the colors....


I'm trying to ask my mom to go to Thailand!

To meet ponchan kaa!



2007年03月01日(木) 0時42分
i wanna meet ponchan!

i wanna meet ponchan!

i wanna meet ponchan!


9月まで 会えないの?


会えない 会えない 会えない

会いたい 会いたい 会いたい




2007年02月07日(水) 1時02分
Member :Teacher(m),Shiori(f),kubo(m),shinoda(m),kuri(f),komura(m),and me.

We are going to meet 11:30 am at Narita Airport.

MH071 NRT13:30-KUL20:05

Stay at the hotel in KL.

2/8, 2/9

In KL,We are going to go to

Malaysian National Museum

Asian art museum

Malaysia and Islam art museum

National Historical Museum

Serangorl State Museum


We are going to go to Malacca by bus.

Stay at the hotel in Malacca.

Go back to KL

NAG (Malaysian National Gallery) in KL


no plan(go to island or stay KL)


go back to Japan

MH070 KUL11:00-NRT18:35


I wanted to buy the ticket 

2007年02月03日(土) 23時50分
I couldn't get up in the morning
I got up at in the afternoon.
I had my lunch with my mom as my breakfast.
We ate SOBA.with tororo
I like tororo very much. it's a kind of potato.

After the lunch I have to buy the train ticket to go to Narita airport.
So I went to the nearest JTB(traveling service).
But It was closed....
the service close every Saturday and Sunday.
I didn't know about it

So I went to MUJI.
I like the notebook of MUJI.
So I bought it.

I went back to my house.
I knew that I can reserve the ticket by the Internet.
So I reseved it by the internet.
I can get it 2/7 at Nippori station.

So I have to go there early in the morning.

My dinner was Japanese curry with salad.

(in fact I'm soso about it.I like indian curry and
thai curry.Because Japanese curry is not spicy.)
I was not full so I ate apple yogurt

When I back to my room, I felt that
"I have to clean my room!"
So I started cleaning my room.

When I cleaning my room,minako mailed to me
"Are you free tomorrow?Let's meet in KIchijouji!"
Kichijouji is the town that I like.
So I said OK.

I'm going to meet Minako at 1pm at the station of Kichijouji.

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