The iPad mini accused pricing high

October 25 [Thu], 2012, 17:43

According to media reports, Apple today announced a 7.9-inch iPad Mini Tablet PC. the iPad Mini Pricing starts at $ 329, the release date of November 2, should become this year's Christmas sales season during Bestsellers.

iPad Mini will work with the Kindle Fire HD Nook HD and Nexus 7 compete for the 7 zoll tablet pc market. However, in view of the competition in the tablet pc 7 zoll market has been quite intense, iPad Mini Android tablet have great impact on a problem. With other Apple products, iPad Mini price is slightly higher than that of similar products from other manufacturers the MacBook price than other manufacturers similar notebook, iPad price is higher than Sandisk or similar Archos media player. Despite this strategy has been successful, but this time Apple may not be so lucky.

The the iPad Mini 329 dollars starting price close to the other next-generation tablet PCs and e-readers twice, if we take into account the $ 100 Nexus Tablet PC rumors, Apple to convince price-sensitive users to spend such a large sum of money to buy iPad Mini is quite difficult. There is no doubt, iPad Mini in the education market will have a good performance. Over the past few years, Apple has been actively into the education market. android tablets to challenge Apple in the education market is not easy.

In addition to Android, Apple also faces a heavy competition: itself. Apple last month released a price of $ 299 iPod Touch, may erode sales of the iPad Mini. Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) Apple executives speak, they are very worried about Nexus 7. Previously, Apple executives never spend so much time discussing a competitor's product.

But ordinary consumers is another matter. As part of the smart phone buyers do not need to buy more than $ 100 cell phone, some buyers will not buy the high price of the Tablet PC. Compared with other products zp300 update iPad Mini really seems cool, but its price is high above the reason? The thinner border can make up for the lower resolution display? I think not. The iPad Mini configuration screen resolution lower than cheaper competitors, sales difficult to many.

iPad Mini will help to promote the innovation of the android tablet pc manufacturers in many ways. Microsoft Surface Tablet PC will also get a certain degree of success. Any companies want to stand out in the tablet market requires not only the price, but also need to be competitive in the user experience. Tablet PC manufacturers will be the focus of competition is service rather than the hardware itself.

The iPad Mini Android and other Tablet PC manufacturers will not be too great, especially in the near future. Tablet PC prices will continue to fall, consumers will lower the price to achieve higher performance, Android operating system will become like the Tablet PC and e-reader users. The die-hard Apple fans will continue to buy Apple products, Apple introduced a new product just to increase their options. The first generation Kindle Fire has proven that as long as the price is right, tens of millions of consumers will give up the high-end hardware.