March 25 [Fri], 2011, 5:30
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March 07 [Mon], 2011, 7:42

I really miss the old days, back in 2005~2008 when manba where still present and Angeleek were at their best.
Looking at all the old pictures makes me "miss" all the old girls like Aya, Yuka, Mami...
All the Manbagirls in general.
These days there are less and less active girls.
Atm, Gehachan is the only one I know that's left.
Anotan, Karina... they both deleted their cgiboy and yunkeru and even tomonya, as far es i know, both graduated.
Because it means the style will be less and less accepted.
Not that I care this much because it isn't possible (for me) to wear it everyday but yeah...

Since I am in a relationship everything ging drunter und drueber!
I kinda forgot what I like and love, what I want to achive, who I want to be and concentrated only on him.
But these last days I kinda remembered me that I LOVE Manba sososo much!
That I wanna be gyaru, consider myself as one.
That I wanna have tanned skin, white make-up and colorful hair!
And that I still love japanese music and that I really shouldn't care that he and his friend always make fun of it.
I forgot abt all these little things that made me happy.

I found the link to Sumies Album!
SO many old Angeleek pics!
I want friendships like theirs.. *sigh*
I want manba friends who likes near me!
Whom I can meet-up with and be dorky and exchange meiku tips and just have fun, damn XD
But all the cute & nice girls and guys live faaaaaar away and are waywayWAY younger than me, I feel so old and I guess I would feel strange to hang out with them? XD I dunno....
My lives sad, lol.

Welly well well.
I guess, starting nex week, I'll go to the tanning salon more regularly.
Also buying a new Alba Rosa bag.
This year, as always, I would love to go to Japan Day in DD, I guess there'll be a gyaru me2 again?
Meeting Boggy Peak and LoveDamage members would be awesome XD lol


sorry so much personal emo shit yet again but I am just one lonely gal whose friend interest in gyaru = 0


January 07 [Fri], 2011, 1:24
I really should dye my hair and get rid of those gross roots but I'm just so lazyyyyyyy.
I wanted to dye them yesterday but but instead I watched Tv with my mom and made dinner.
So Lazyyyy... Gah!
But I have to do it now I guess.
I need to go to the photoshop and get some new application photos tmr...
And for this I need to look the best I can, haha.

And after I shot those pics I'll dye my hair light silver grey, haha!
Omg can't waiiiiiiiiiit

& I just made the most delicious pineapple jam in the worrrrrrrllllld


November 26 [Fri], 2010, 7:04
Oh goooooooooooood
rn I SO regret selling my Alba coat.
Uh, no, not really regret it but...
I just want one and want to wear it goddamn!
saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadness, b'awww


November 24 [Wed], 2010, 0:29


Looks good huh? XD
(the pic is not true to cam just couldn't catch the brightbrightpink....)


November 21 [Sun], 2010, 7:42
I really wanted to blog more frequently but somehow it got lost...
I sold my Alba Rosa coat so no need to ask me abt it anymore, sorry that I didn't said it earlier..
If you want one you may buy one from Eurogal (I think the shop is still active?)
But am still selling my Alba Cap and a looooot of egg magazines + other
Take a look over here

German buyers only

International Manba Day

INTERNATIONAL MANBA DAY is an event taking place on November 27th 2010 for boys and gals to dress up in manba for en entire day.

International Manba Day is a good time to show others what manba fashion is all about in Japan and meet other people interested in the styles around the world and in your area.

Remember to spread the word!!
facebook event

I am aaaaaaall hyped abt this!
Though I can only participate a few hours that night XD
During day I'll be traveling to my honey and in the evening we'll be at a christmas party and I just can't do manba there... that would be.. ugh.. no XD

If you like, please enter too!
The more the better ne?

I hope I can finish it in time

(and the lil rubber bands don't break like they did before.. orz)


October 27 [Wed], 2010, 1:02
Sunday night I came back from one whole week at my honeys home.
The time passed by wayyyyyyy too fast and waking up this morning without him by my side felt so strange...

After browsing all the gyaru related sites and reading mitsus post about Gal-Myth my love for this whole style came back.
I really really want to try harder to look at least a lil gyaru.
I browsed me-shop and neotokyo fot magazines...
me-shop haven't had the newest ViVi issue anymore and I don't feel like buying egg anymore.
the style is way too... "young" for me I think.
neotokyo stocks ViVi, Jelly, happie nut's ....but they don't tell ya which issue you excately order!
Just: Newest Issue.
Well, this doesn't mean that you get the Nov. one.
If it's sold out you just get an older one.
Had this problem before.
And I really don't wanna get one I already have...
And ordering from overseas is just too expensive blabla...
But lucky me is lucky and me-shop just stocked the newest Jelly mag (because of teh bonus lol).
Immediately ordered it and the happie nut's Oct. Issue...

I might sell some or all of my egg magazines...
But the new egg beauty i still want!

Furthermore I feel like I need some new circlelens
I want grey ones.
And still some cute pink ones....

But all this costs MONEY!
...I should save up to buy train tickets to see my Bubu sigh

Alsooo.....I think I'll completely quit trying to be Manba.
I am thinking about selling my Alba Rosa Coat, Cap and probably some of the accesoires I have.
I think I'll let the coat go for sure....
But: Will someone buy it? And where is the best place to sell it?
I feel like nobody wants a black&white one lol

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:PINKYぴょん
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1988年6月19日
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
    ・マンガ- 無限の住人,One Piece
    ・ファッション- haute couture, streetfashion,ギャル
音楽 - ムック, Kagrra,雅-miyavi-,湘南乃風,

髪型: 金髪の
身長: 181
中心: single
仕事: 生徒
湖水: Nina by Nina Ricci


Yapme! please

☆ ともにゃ ☆ ゆんける
☆ げーはーこちゃん ☆ あのたん
☆ かりな
☆ Pin(G☆U)[FIN]

☆ りんたん ☆ しげ ☆ ななちゃん ☆ まみちゃん ☆ ゆい
☆ ANGELEEKmanba ☆ GUY魂
☆ ガ卍汁 (ぷりん ☆ あい ☆ みゃっぴ ☆ つんば)
☆ ゆりちゃん
☆ Boggy Peak Gals

☆ 田中愛奈 ☆ ゆまち ☆ 坂本礼美
☆ 岩田ののか

09月26日 D'espairsRay

09月11日 OLIVIA
06月05日 Anli Pollicino
10月18日 ムック
09月25日 雅-miyavi-
07月21日 +D'espairs Ray+
07月21日 +D'espairs Ray+
05月12日 ギルガメシュ
03月21日 アンティック-珈琲店- 10月09日 Taste of Chaos Tour [SotY & HtB & ムック & Callejon & THA]
08月23日 Kagrra,
06月21日 雅-miyavi-
03月18日 アンティック-珈琲店-




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