I'm going to work. 

March 20 [Mon], 2006, 12:57
Dear my friends.

I am going to graduate my unversity and work for a company as 'Homepage designer'.
Now, I'm maiking my homepage. I'll let you know it soon.

OLYMPIC 2012 in LONODN!!! 

July 06 [Wed], 2005, 21:01
Well done!!!
I've just known this watching TV.
2012 Olympic will be held in LONDON!!!!!
I'm going to see it!!

I've just got MARY POPPINS'S CD!! 

April 08 [Fri], 2005, 18:57
I'm in Japan of cource and I've got a CD..

Mary Poppins Theatre!!

I think you would know Marry Poppins in West End if you 've been to London.
I love it very much, actually, I went the musical more than 3 times... ha ha!

And they start to sell CD about the musical!!
That's wonderfull!
I think the musical is much better than film's.
The songs which aren't in film's are COOOOL.

Anyway, If you stay in London one day, You have to go to the thatre (in SOHO).

I'm really missing LONDON....!!

I`ll be back to Japan soon. 

February 18 [Fri], 2005, 19:35
I`m going back to Japan by the end of Feb.
After that, I would keep writing about UK on this site.
also I have to do `job hunting`, which is nightmare for me.

Any way, see you soon.xxx

The Phantom of the Opera 

January 09 [Sun], 2005, 19:14
--- the movie in London

'Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera'
I've just seen it with my friend.
Actually, I haven't seen the musical one however the movie could be similar to the musical, I suppose 'cos the actors and actresses sang songs suddenly, like musical.
for me, It was not natural in the movie,

But I felt like watching the musical after that.
I left only 6weeks in London so I have to see the musicals, such as Lion King, Mamma mia, Mary Poppins, Les miserables and so on, as many as I can!

By the way, 'The phantom of the opera is there....'
This song stuck to my brain...

New year from London! 

January 08 [Sat], 2005, 9:28
Hi! Happy new year!
What did you do from New year's eve to New year??

I was in Paris actually!!
anyway, I'll tell you about it later.

I hope everybody would spend a good year 2005!! xxx

OUR school has gone. 

December 15 [Wed], 2004, 21:17
Dear my friends who were in SGV Bromley,

Our school has closed since this Monday.
It won`t open again.
Most of our teachers have also `gone`.
It was suddenley and every students and teachers are now confused and upset.

We are in Central London school now.
We might deside which way we are going, staying this school, going to Hastings or leaving here.

If I get new informaition, I`ll let you know on this site.
see you.

English Xmas 

December 04 [Sat], 2004, 22:28
By the way, All I want for Xmas is..... You?
haha, it's slightly joking
Actually, I'd like to pass the FCE exam.. really.

My host family have just decolated their Christmat tree,
It was better and bigger than I thought because I've never had Xmas tree in y home.

Foggy London. 

December 03 [Fri], 2004, 23:00
It was first time for me to see foggy England. may be because it's getting colder and colder.
By the way, My tooth has just been pulled out!!

Just because it was a wisdom tooth also bad tooth either.. hahaha.
You know? I was so nervous 'cos, of cource, I hadn't expected that I had to see dentists ,and here is England, not Japan; however even if in Japan, I would worry.
But it was a fact that I'd got some toothache before I went on trip in Europe; so I made an appointment with a phone that was a nightmare for me, I'm rubbish at talking with phone in English, and went there today.

The most different thing about dentists between Japan and England was that the doctors are not sarcastic, they were just gentle.
What I hate most is looking down and saying sarcasm so I don't like Japanese dentist which I've been.
Whereas my English doctor was thinking about me (or my nervous...?) so much, and cared me as well.
Just one funny thing was he winked at me the end of a conversation, may be it was one of jokes; he seemed a bit dandy, hahaha.

Actually, the treatment was not so painful for me , by grace of the anesthesia. He injected it to me without my noticing, haha! it was tricky.

Anyway, that was lucky because I could solve one of my problems before the exam, FCE.
I'm going to take it just 4 days later...

Rugby in U.K. 

November 28 [Sun], 2004, 8:13
I've just arrived at home!!
I'd been in Cardiff where the Rugby much was held in Wales.

It was Japan vs Wales; I'd heard our team was not so strong and unfortunately it was so.
Its score was 0 - 98 ,Japan was beaten.
I experienced the most shocking match I've ever watched.

Japan team seemed to give up from the beginning, also be much smaller than Wales's.
After the match, I was told 'Japan zero!!' ,'You lost!!' etc, from some the residents.

I spent 8 hours to return to Cardiff, some money to visit and so on.
I don't say that 'Refund my money' but I'd have liked them to do their best.
Oh, dear!
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