Umpire gets football to the face after not seeing Logan Paulsen's casual toss

November 05 [Mon], 2012, 12:29
When you hang around the butterfinger-prone Washington Redskins too much, you have the tendency to want to catch objects with your face Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys or head or stomach or legs -- anything but the hands.

NFL umpires are a prime Chicago Bears Jersey example.

Last week, the ump in the 'Skins game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was nailed with an errant Ben Roethlisberger pass. On Sunday, an ump didn't see Washington tight end Logan Paulsen flip the ball to him after a catch and it hit him square in the face and forced him to receive brief medical attention for Green Bay Packers Jersey a potential eye injury. (He was fine, so you're free to laugh. He did.)