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Pearly loves Johnnys and NANA!!

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My sis's Hachiko (2008年10月05日)
My sis's Hachiko (2008年09月30日)
My sis's Hachiko (2008年09月25日)
My sis's Hachiko (2008年09月23日)
My sis's Hachiko (2005年12月17日)
My sis's Hachiko (2005年12月12日)
shld i or shld i not??? (2005年12月02日)
shld i or shld i not??? (2005年12月02日)
nobuta VS namida (2005年11月29日)
nobuta VS namida (2005年11月22日)
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My sis's Hachiko / 2005年12月08日(木)
this is made by my sister... she claimed that the doll is hachiko...
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shld i or shld i not??? / 2005年11月29日(火)
hey guys~
shld i go n take up driving lessons?? coz my dad n mum are supportive, em no.. are super wanna hope tt i take up driving lessons now.. i thought of learning it later~ but they think tt this is the only time in my life tt i'll be able to have the time n heart to do so.. hmmpph~ but i dunno wanna waste money when i can't even earn money..
also, i just finished my A level, hai.. dun feel like studying so fast~~ n what if i didn't do well for A level.. tt's wld b disastrous!!
hai~ so shld i take up or not?
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the 'N' trend!! / 2005年11月29日(火)
oh~ namida is so super sad and touching!! cried super madly at eps6.. arrrgghh.. i really recommend u guys to watch~ very meaningful~ makes us appreciate and cherish our complete lives better.

recent trend seems to be tt stuff starting with 'N' rocks!! haha..

haha.. actually tt's all la~
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finally another blog part2~~ / 2005年11月29日(火)
i also wanna buy lotsa clothes~ but no $$.. haha.. kinda influenced by my sis.. craving for only white T-shirts. how scary is tt?? open up a closet with only white t-shirts.. but hehe.. tt might b my sis's perfect dream closet...

also i wanna jian fei but lazy to exercise also no determination to resist !! hai.. i salute my sis man! haha can follow the sexy goddess koda kumi after6 no food diet plan!!

everybody pls me can burnaway all my fats!! i must work hard!!
ok quite late leor else i'll be combined! argghh how scary!!

take care guys(only pei pei n my sis???)!! haha i'll try to write often and soon~
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finally another blog~~ / 2005年11月29日(火)
just pom pom hao~ saw my sis's complaint of peipei's complaint.. haha Oh~ it seems tt i'm quite a lazy piggy.. arggghhh.. even my dad complains tt i'm like a rotting worm.. hai. wanna find a job but then paiseh, haha.. also a bit lazy la. these few days, i had been shopping and hangin out with my friends. haha.. all r in need of $$$ !! yupp.. i also need to super sonic fast find a job to survive in this world !

i wanna faster get lotsa $$ to buy lotsa stuff! i wanna buy anna sui's mascara.. very good!! haha this evening went to DFS.nobody was tending to anna sui counter, super empty so me and my friend hehe tried the mascara. haha.. also need to earn $ to offer to my blood sucker sis. haha she said tt she wants 10% of my pay if i got a job tt she recommended. em i'm quite alright with this idea.anyway no matter what my $ will naturally flow to her too haha

actually she not bad la (or else she will threaten me bout the downloads and etc tt me(computer idiot) can't cope with)! haha..
but it seems like we perhaps have an age gap. she doesn't seem to enjoy talking to me. hmmpphh kinda sad. but nvm she's quite sweet sometimes( if i offer to buy or pay for her?!!) haha..
pei pei~~ stop complaining tt my blog is too empty. i'm such a busy person you know? haha.. plus my sis is always using the comp so you must be more forgiving!! haha anyway only u n my sis read my blog ba~~ haha..

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NANA's power!! / 2005年11月22日(火)
heard from wendy in hk that NANA movie is super GREAT!!!
AARRRRGGGHHHH!! i wanna watch~

haha.. she mentioned tt xiao 8 is very cute..
haha.. and reira de endless story very nice (i totally agree with her.)
also that the movie and mika's cd are very hit there!
WOW seems that NANA's fans will have great fun in those countries such as taiwan, hk and japan.

UNFAIRISM!!!!!!!!! (there's no such word, invented by me!)
hope singapore will show the movie soon.. arghh.. really yearn to see it.the comics are super great too, thou quite a no. of sex scenes.. haha.. can perk u up..
haha.. just kidding~

here i wish tt NANA's power will continue to dominate the world!

hehe.. anyway i'm so happy that i can finally chat with wendy tse sin yee haha.. my best friend . haha..tt's all for today!

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nobuta VS namida / 2005年11月22日(火)
I can't get namida de song by K off my head..
made me feel a little sad and down..
(stressed tt: IT's the ORIGINAL one!! NOT the chinese rap version done by my sis!!!)

oh ya.. namida and nobuta are 2 great dramas tt you can't miss..
got 3 major shuai ge s!!!
they are:
(drums rolling..)

kamenashi kazuya
yamaP tomohisa
nishikido ryo

>haha.. so funny.. i dun think anyone will cry after watching nobuta ba..
tell u one secret: i cried at the end of episode 4 (shuji 's notebook). so touched tt shuji tried so many times to get the "flower" n willing to sacrifice for her. haha.. dun understand what i 'm talking bout ba? haha... go dl and watch.. super nice.. also akira super cute and funny.. cho kawaii... haha.. esp.. he carried a bag of bricks to threaten shuji.. haha.. also when he acted as a dj. i esp like him when he was teasing or harrassing shuji. super hilarious! must watch orh..

on the other hand, namida is such a sad show though i didn't cry.. (my sis said i'm weird!) in the show, ryo was like so gentle and caring, was holding the umbrella for tt girl while he was in the big rain.. also he ran super fast after tt girl when he knew tt tt girl's date was not coming. woo hoo.. shuai~

everybody must support these 2 great drama series, ok?
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18th birthday~ / 2005年11月18日(金)
today is my birthday!!
and i am 18 now!!! old

pass me my present!!!
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