The Amazing Tofu 

2006年05月07日(日) 0時30分
i had lunch at one of the best tofu restaurants close to my house. (I won't mention the name of the place, the establishment didn't pay me for it. hehehe) It was my second time to visit the place but it's my first time to eat tofu in different varieties. As our appetizers (which i missed to take a pic) we had tofu shumai dumplings made of 100% tofu. You won't believe, it tasted like pork siomai. One of their specialties is the "mineoka dofu" which I also tried and it was sweet and very creamy, almost dessert-like in character. On main course, they offered us many set of menus. Each contains about a dozen of dishes. I ordered the basket thing which can be seen above. It is served with tofu skin soup, steamed shrimps, vegetables and bamboo, salmon sushi wrapped with tofu skin, barbequed tofu, sweetened egg, braised pork with diced tofu, gelatin tofu, fried tofu which was the best for me, soy-milk sherbet and many more. Everything was creatively made with tofu and has its own exotic taste. That was why I ate a lot coz there won't be next time I think. I might not be able to come back to the place. Trust me, u wouldn't wanna know the price.Obviously, it's one of my wonderful experiences.
Tofu is very good for the health. Why not try cooking it in your own style at home? It's just so amazing how people can cook tofu in different styles.

Hello everybody! 

2006年05月05日(金) 1時04分
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» Hello everybody! (2006年05月05日)
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