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The past hard action review understand, then way to go furtherTeny Wu.

When I sat down at my computer desk, heart very quiet, along the way, all kinds of people are in my life, become the epitome of a memory. He has too much confusion and helplessness, and sometimes even feel breathless, also saw many people who talk about the future, about dream mostly in front of enthusiasm, and soon died down, for the future, you just a luxury, more is ashamed to own valueSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Defender.

A boyhood dream like a cloud in the sky of the cotton candy, because see could not eat, always imagined it delicious. The young dream, as found in the sky that is not delicious cotton candyCCIBA, but the cold air mass, increasingly feel the huge gap between dream and reality.

When we watch cartoons, they are fresh, which make us have a hero dream, today, we see the old boy, dream seed isolation have complex tendril, don't feel emotion he couldn't find the future path, no house no home, no wife no money, but by the little boy became the old boy, still live a single life, often to doubt the dream for your acceptance.

Life in the social collective, we need to strive for not being eliminated by the way. Then choose one out of the house to the vast heaven and earth. Anyway, I know about your trip to the water is deep or shallow, China has about 9600000 square kilometers of land, we only see the eyes can look very area, China has thousands of kinds of work, we engaged in little more than 10, the modern standard of life is 75 years old and we go, little half life was, so, I choose to move forward, not be contrite and reform oneself, no longer blame everyone and everything but not oneself, without knowledge, can self compensate, no experience, can go to experience.

And in Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Fujian, now to Suzhou, dropped out of high school just society, childish, gradually mature to become in life, in life gradually determined dream, once lost, never decadent and degenerate, see too many complex eyes, empty, arrogant disdain,, reluctantly, lonely, helpless, terrified, precaution and so on, this is the social reality, this is our experience and the feeling of life.
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