[Week 4] home win, defeats the exteri

July 03 [Tue], 2012, 10:49
[Week 4] home win, defeats the exteri
This Weekend in the NFC North, the Lions were warm at home and both teams were playing outside (Green Bay and Minnesota).
Meanwhile, the DeSean Jackson Jersey Bears were waiting to firm up the Eagles at Soldier Field in Chicago.
For information, I should appreciate more fully to last game, and content myself LeSean McCoy Jersey with a ticket on both mood meetings outside to give you the opportunity to go read my colleagues in charge of the AFC South and NFC South.

The victory ... a few centimeters
Bears for those few inches made all the difference to their advantage.

After a first half with a large air side Eagles DeSean Jackson and a nice play by Kyle Orton throwing over 170 yards and 3 touchdownsTouchdown (TD)
is the test that is 6 points and which can be converted to 1 or 2 choice points. Just as the ball enters the endzone. (No need to flatten), the second half was the least defensive and trucks only had the right to speak.
At this game, the Eagles and Bears are strong and equal quartebacks eaten: in the third quarter, Donovan McNabb attempts a plot axial but is intercepted, Payne covers 49 yards to 11 yards but fails to embut of Eagles. Orton says we no longer has to finish the job, but once the first action it is intercepted in Jeremy Maclin Jersey the end zone. Philadelphia then began a rise of ground, but hold on 47 yards. David Akers missed the field goalField Goal (FG)
kick 3 point made most often in the fourth attempt when the attack was blocked. It is played from the place where the last action is completed. If successful it is 3 points and commitment. If unsuccessful, possession changes sides but there are two possibilities: before snapSnap
starting signal of the action when the center passes the ball to the QB., the ball was within 20 yards, then we replacera the ball on the line for 20 yards and it was placed Maurice Jones-Drew Jersey beyond 20 yards , it is replacera the same place. and gives the leather the Bears. Orton mid-field suffered enormous pressure and releases the leather. Eagles ball.
The frantic pace of turnover lasts until the last 10 minutes of the game when McNabb gets the ball on its 14 yards with a 4-point deficit to close. McNabb makes a huge lift and covers 71 yards: they still have 4 attempts and 4 yards to go.
1.McNabb who do not want to risk the interception, Correll Buckhalter launches covering three yards before being stopped by Payne.
2.The second running-back Hunt then tried force, but without results.
3.Ogunleye blocks the third attempt Buckhalter signed. It remains only to attempt to cross the Eagles last yards.
4.Buckhalter tries to pass on the left, but Alex Brown blocks it.

The Bears did so more out of their embut's: Matt Forté is who does it successfully. 24-20 victory for the Bears to four beautiful defensive actions on their own line and a few precious inches.

After the frustration that there no?
The answer is simple for the Packers: a defeat! and frustration over the weekend has a name, that of a veteran who spends Michael Vick Jersey more time in the infirmary and in the field, that of a player is said to slow League: Derrick Brooks. With a interceptionInterception
spends QBQuarterback
is the strategist of the team. He decides tactics with his coach. He is responsible for passing the ball to his riders and distill the passes to his receivers. caught by a defender (an opponent). personal, countered two assists, one fumbleFumble
when the thrower lets out one by mistake or due to a shock. The balloon is then living and on the ground but it is the first team picks it up which takes possession. With interceptions, a fumble is the second way to make the ball to the opponent. Together they constitute turnovers (lost ball). It is often this stat. which determines the outcome of the meeting. Forced returned 38 yards for touchdown on one of his teammates and just two tackles, Derrick Brooks has managed the feat of Aaron Rodgers out of his game. Indeed, after a rather successful start with a touchdown picked up by Greg Jennings (2 TD, 109 yds covered), Rodgers has gradually given way under pressure (3 sacksSack
term used when the QB gets sacked., 3 TD) and took bad shots on his elbow that may require an extended passage to the infirmary.

Just too strong
The match promised to be unbalanced, and it has been since the Vikings posted a series of turnovers and especially never looked able to really worry about the Titans well in their specification of play In summary Adrian Peterson has saved the with 80 yards on 18 carried and 2 touchdowns, Gus Frerotte has shown its limits with an assist on two failed and one interception, Tavaris Jackson was lacing up the cleats to undergo two sacks in three games. What Else? Not much except the score: 30-17 to Tennessee (4 wins in 4 games) and a 3rd defeat for the franchise in Minnesota.