Imperceptible time seems to pass quickly. I don't know what I was thinking. But I want to know all of this.

May 06 [Mon], 2013, 11:22

My face is turning blueish purple. The Angels have no HOME GROWN pitching, living off "has been" arms is not the solution to an all around TEAM you idiots! Your owner is the Jerry Jones of baseball....Cheap Cleveland Indians Jerseys

What? KC is this year's Nationals, i.e. most improved club. They're in first place in their division. If KC doesn't take 5 out of 7 from the Halos - it will be a choke for the Royals.
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This is great nothing but classy fans having our way with the angel message board while their fans (both of them) sit at home in their moms basement crying in their angel blankets
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Remember Hamilton's press conference where he and his wife were mocking the Rangers for not "putting a ring on his finger" they were laughing at Texas kind of saying we showed you guys. Who's laughing now clowns!!