December 18 [Sun], 2005, 1:42

i think this was how the ppl felt by the last day of skool.


December 18 [Sun], 2005, 1:22

we got tshirts for garbage club booster club

sara (a graduate) visited us~

hard to c, but the thing on here is good. i saw this wen i went to the science museum

statue of the m&mz~


December 18 [Sun], 2005, 1:10

just a cute place i found @ hiroshima. or miyajima, rather.


in a restraunt


did i put this on? ah wellz. i like it. hehe~~my friends took me out to dinner for my bday~


December 18 [Sun], 2005, 1:03


the woman in the middle experienced the bomb...terrible story, really.

on the ferry


December 18 [Sun], 2005, 0:26
i havnt been accessing my account in a looong time...too much stuff to do! so, now that my xmas vacations started, iv decided iss about time i update. som old pix too

spirit day...aaaaaaaaaages ago hahaha. we were dressed up as spies.

my hidden camera hehehe

my friend sonal~~we both passed the audition for the musical =]

on the train, on our way to hiroshima

and then one of the members slept..and we got inspired...


December 01 [Thu], 2005, 22:17
IM IN MUSICAL!!! kya~! i really cant believe it...i thought id be dropped! and soccer began today i was really out of practice, bu~t theres time (unless im dropped from the "club"). funfunfun~! my dayz r good rite now =] and xmas is coming up, so that iz somthing to look forward to too. wat shall i get for my family?


November 28 [Mon], 2005, 21:43
i went to kyoto during the thanxgiving break. som pictures from there

my momma~


temple of the golden pavillion

castle nijou (garden)

the japanese sweets that i made. pretty good for a first time, huh?


November 28 [Mon], 2005, 21:28
to the vb memberz:
thank you for the great season that you hav given me. wen i first went into the team, i was worried that i would feel rather uncomfortable around ppl that i never really talked to befor. but now i realize how silly i was to think like that =] u guyz r so friendly, talented, and devoted. im honored to be in the same team as u all. every one of u guyz were such a contribution to the team. w/o any one of u, this team would hav never gone so well. thank you, again. im confident that next years team will be fine, cuz theyv got 3 great ppl who will return!! nevertheless, good luck!

vb fotoz 

November 28 [Mon], 2005, 21:17
som vb fotoz

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