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February 08 [Fri], 2019, 13:32


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In most all cases art restoration is completely necessary but in cases like this it’s hard for to think about how the vandalism itself says something and becomes part of the art, so to speak.
I think my 2 year old granddaughter could do a better painting..


So brave and clever!
I think the controversy stems from the fact that photos of these painting don't do them any justice. The color subtleties far exceed what a camera sees and definitely what a LCD screen can reproduce. I am fortunate to live a few miles from the Rothko Chapel and Menil Collection(free to all!), and I know they are just paintings, but they seriously look like they move, like gaseous clouds, with shadowy forms fading in and out of existence..

I live 3 hours from the Rothko Chapel; never been, in no hurry to go.  I don't like his art any better than I ever did (Abstract Expressionism as a school leaves me cold), but I do now understand better what he was doing..


Drummer: You're limiting the reasons. People do get into paint to express themselves and that tends to be masterbatorial. There is a linear painting tradition in the West that is built onto, one school reacting to a former school, with occasional revivals. It's far from an original thought that Modernist painting is dead and nostalgic at this time, a victim of it's driving force being originality..
What a waist of canvas and paint. Rothko ha what a joke!!!.
Brilliantly said, Sarah.

No offence. But rothco was a bit shit really. Purple squares in a black box is hardly the mona lisa.
YES. I'm doing modern art at uni next semester so I'm going to watch ALL of these in preparation! Found this through CrashCourse, by the way.





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