music-go-round the peak (2) 

2004年11月13日(土) 0時05分
he sang many many songs and dun want to stop until Peco said sth!
Phoebus: it's your turn~Peco
Fung: O~michael~
all of us: michael.....=0="
Peco: i'm Peco~
Fung: o, i'm sorry~how do u spell......
Peco: P-E-C-O
Fung: oh~P-E-C-O...
all of us: Peco~~~~~~~~~!!!!!! ah~~~~~~~!!!!
Fung: oh~it's cool..u hv fans already lah...
(shit..."...and fuck..he's Peco not michael...)


after <用心良苦>....
we started to sceamed and say:PECO~~~~~~~~!!!
and Peco also said that:"in fact, i've prepare some songs.."
that's great~!!!

he sang <宿一宵>~<寂寞的季節>...
then he saw kathy~
and kathy asked:"y did u sing the song <宿一宵> before i've arrived?"
"O..really...then i sing to you at home lah!" Peco replied.
hahaha~then we screamed....
and Peco: "o no..." said sth wrong..hahahaha"


they played the piano with 6 hands!!!!
when thet're playing the piano...
Fung suddenly sang a chinese old song.."

after 6 hands...
Peco and Kathy played 4 hands then...


and a song in english :

<大想頭 + 慢慢來>~
Peco started to get crazy lah...
may be he's forgot the lyrics...
Peco: 才投入大世界的倒數〜
Us: 留待這盼望再被我公告 站在信心的緯度

music-run-round the peak (1) 

2004年11月13日(土) 0時00分
XDD..felt a little bit sick last night.."
ai..dun want to go out then..

anyway, i went out at 11:45...
travelled bus to wong tai sin arrived at 12:15...
then went to HK station to join mandy..
and we went to the town hall together..
met yanyan & her frd~

o no...."mother V late again !!

after got on the minibus,
me & carrot did sth crazy lah...
that's 18 seconds time...
plz noted that the important of 18 seconds!!!

we arrived at the peak at about 13:45..
4 of us went to McDonald's to buy our "brunch"!
too bad....=="

O...Mr Chui and Mr Chan had arrived...
i dun like the Peak Galleria too much.."><

we waited until 14:30~
the show was being started..hoho~

after some performance~
DJ jonathan introduced Peco and Phoebus..
" younger radio stars"....""

they played the song together,
after that, Peco sang a song -
O no....""XDDDD..."

at about 15:00,
Peco and Phoebus travelled a car and
arrived at "hign west picnic area"....

hahaha...shit man...."
we need to walk and run to that place ar!!
it made me feel so tired la..."

Peco : "welcome all of you ar!"

we just sat down and waited for the show..

the opening of the show :
Peco and Phoebus played the piano together with 4 hands.


then..suddenly Peco was looking at me for a few seconds...
he said:"O~i can see someone is writing sth..
     r u want to make some chioce of songs?"
....i said no.....hahaha...""

Peco and Phoebus played some songs again..
Peco played the piano and Phoebus played the voilin..

O no..."" sth horrible happened then...
it was a special guest....."
Mr Hung..?! "Hung Chiu Fung"


2004年11月12日(金) 15時17分
it's a quite lovely diary ar ah!!
the bg color of of this page makes me feel comfortable~
soft colour~!!
also ... green in colour~
i love it so much...
but it's a little bit slow when loading...
i think i may use this diary 1-2 times a week is OK...
let's see how much i can type everytime lah...

1st diary 

2004年11月12日(金) 15時12分
this my my first time to use this diary~
i would like to type sth in english~
coz this diary cannot show some of the chinese words!
too bad~!
may be i'll type the function in english~
hahahaha.. is it very crazy?
i think so!
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