Chinese troops in the nearly

September 29 [Sat], 2012, 18:47
Bumpy road in the mountains winds its way through ,on both sides of the hill bare with dark red rock ,cold wind blowing over the hills of Buddha ,weeds in the howling spit verdancy ,for long stretches of mountains are clothed in blue silent mountains ,a few eagle is circling in the sky fly, for the empty mountain to add a little angry cars on the road hard difficulties, highway is the poverty of the area ,the upper end of the compartment soldiers with guns some leisurely smoking a cigarette ,since the Imperial Army in this way appeared, Chinese seems to be on the road disappeared, it makes them less of a lot of fun team slowly into the valley ,on both sides of the steep wall such as cutting tool ,even if the fist big stone from the top down, also can be in the ground at a pit at the top of the rock to rock shows a pair of eyes ,a flexible downwardly visitation ,and then quickly disappeared big-headed ,come ,come ! Small fry scrambled to it against a rock to smoking and little white dragon and report mother son called Rabbah ,Colonel ,I now is the head of the small white dragon stood up and said, when the bandits all know ,money is no good ,for thousands of years the best end-result is to offer the bandits ,so the small white dragon treasure the title was ,is ,big-headed underlings bow and scrape to say a little white dragon dark call ,time to correct small fry he quickly climbed up the mountain into the valley at beam ,seven or eight cars ,slightly estimation of the soldiers and vehicles ,about fifty ,just right announcement two husband ,hands-on ! The small white dragon excitedly ordered but forget their new title two deputy head at the top of the one tree quiet down ,then on the opposite side of the valley in a tree fell down ,then spur at the trees, Yamase Riyo quietly, head on the car of Japanese soldiers burst into laughter ,laughter in the narrow the valley echoed off the ground ! ! ! After the spur ,stone whistled drop from the clouds the hard hit in the head in front of the vehicle ,the driver brake the stone as the day into the hole Michael Kors Classic Tote Cheap,from the heavens were down dozens of pieces of small stones ,the hood was dented in ,the merry laughter to exclaim ,then into a screaming with a roar clear shots fired bullets between the cars ,as flying, a series of grenade throwing down from the top of head car suddenly was bombed to smithereens ,hiding in the surrounding soldiers flesh and blood flying in all directions from behind the car came a while galloping down the road ,a group of horsemen came hurtling ,horseshoe roll up the dust ,horse Knight waved the shout of bright saber into convoys, knife light flashes with Japanese soldiers bursts of screaming in the Colts impact at the same time ,from the opposite hillside out of a group of head wear leather hat worn disorganized people ,they shouted down the hillside to the team to kill a surviving relying on the automobile resistance, can just behind them ,a few rope hanging from the steep cliff ,then a few shadows flexibly down a rope ,in from the ground three or four meters when Depth jumps from boulder to fall, just 10 minutes army was wiped out ,the white dragon horse michael kors handbags 2013, gently blowing out under the muzzle smoke loudly : children ,loading ,quickly loading ,hurry up ! This battle too happy ,only pay a dozen casualties is wiped out more than 40 little devils ,captured three machine guns ,two grenade launchers Timberland Men's Hydroclimb Hybrid,lots of bullets grenade brethren be jubilant of unloading boxes of ammunition in the carriages ,and then shouted along behind you came near array shaking heaven and earth explosion drink !Drink !Well.
White long march forward courageously ,bellowing cries ,the mountains through the response to his mood of excitement ,it is not because of the victory ,but the victory proved that toy boy taught tactics is feasible .
So happy ,behind the brothers more extravagant , little widow tune with suona the team comes out in Ningcheng ,few trucks quickly through the gate hole in the roof ,machine-guns ,on both sides of the soldiers carry loaded guns with great care ,the wilderness looking around in the dust disappeared after both sides of old people ,some excitement was a gold shop ,distance Ningcheng 20 ,a group of cavalry under repeated impact field is a small Town Hill ,hill has a small yard ,the temporary station is located here in the first guerrilla detachment under the banner of Jehol ,old North sits on over at forces ,charge ,the yard of devil is not much, but very strong, has beaten back his three attack but the yard shoot fire increasingly weak .
,see the seventy or eighty devils ,how also do not carry him more the repeated attacks of ,when a big family Come ,come ! A fast horse quickly ran from the south ,who immediately called pant for breath old north wind beat thigh ,brush stood up and shouted: good !Greatly !The devils small enough to face, brethren ,mount !Welcomes them to ! Scattered around the soldiers he climbed upon his horse ,old north wind sitting immediately drew swords , go ! Rein ,leading to the South ran behind Ben Malone ,four hundred or five hundred horse hooves are tucked in the remaining lung smoke more than 1000 people suddenly strengthened pair of small attacks, guns, grenade explosions more violent - Chengde East Seven Mile Gully ,smoke lingering on the battlefield, number ten cars spread all across in confusion lay on the ground ,a group of soldiers are cleaning the battlefield ,Deng Wen at the top of the hill hold hold the smoke ,next to the adjutant with great care watching outside the hill ,here too close to Chengde ,the dozens of cars should retreat immediately ,don devil up Deng Wen was neither fast nor slow smoking ,seemed to have no to Chengde more than two thousand Japanese troops in the eye really quickly ,mountain blocking positions from intense gunfire ,Lieutenant rushed up and remind : ,oh ,brigade commander ,Brigadier ,devils aid soldiers came Deng Wen narrowed his eyes ,beautiful to taste the femoral bones from emitting cool for a while to ease a hand in a leisurely manner ,said : what ,with Chengde more than three thousand two hundred devils devils and also how shall we say from the ground.
Get up ,the whole clothes ,the waist belt to : tell the old 2 remains a team of people clean up the battlefield ,others immediately from the left bag past red side stood a man said : go ,we from the right to the dog days to come mother Rabbah son, so some people even dare to do .
.. ... ... Several days in Jehol domestic snafu ,originally disappeared volunteer army suddenly appeared out of the ground ,attacked the Japanese ,transportation has several attacks
,to the front matter has been less than the original 1/10 ,cars burned nearly 100 ,Fengning a few have been eliminated Deng Wen heard almost into Chengde ,Zhang Haipeng stayed Fourth Department
of travel by annihilating the hit ,the Chengde garrison successively for eighth division division commander Nishi Yoshihito felt something was wrong ,material supply shortage has seriously
affected the Great Wall war Timberland Slippers Cheap,shells have now control is used, only the more frequent use of air strikes ,but the aircraft time is limited ,the Shanhaiguan airport limited capacity to support
four the battlefield have too ,can not put higher demands placed on the west side of righteousness before choice has two, one is to send troops to protect the transport line cut the volunteers
;one is to continue to attack the southern gate ,beating stopped in front of the central army ,into Peking choice have great risk ,troops going back means to weaken the southern gate
of the offensive, the battle of seven or eight days lost to storm will face play Drug shortage ,the wounded to evacuation situation ,once the attack failed ,consequences be unbearable
to contemplate western justice in a dilemma when received ,Kwantung Army headquarters to report ,deputy chief of staff for Nagaoka village Ning will into the guide combat West a sickly
smile ,he knows this is the Kwantung Army headquarters that war is changing ,about eighth divisions in take preventive measures Okamura Neji took the mosquito machine moving in a small
beach landing ,then to division command too late and west a greeting : West righteous Army colonel asked you to present situation for what judgment righteous one really is to
the West he is not assured ,he tried to restrain their dissatisfaction said: China military purpose is to harass me army logistical supply lines from the front forced my army troop movements
ensure supply line open, in order to reduce the frontal battlefield pressure should say Chinese army do well, our army supply line received a great threat, ammunition supply only 1/10
per day should be provided ,if we not taking action, I estimate will soon be completely cut off but the Chinese army has great risk exists, they are not adjustable Send regular army ,but
bought the so called the volunteers ,although these numbers of troops ,but the fighting strength is not strong ,and the lack of logistical support ,so he beat them easily ,so I transfer
thirty-three mixed brigade against these bandits ,in ensure logistics line safety ,then the southern gate to attack of Okamura Neji shook his head ,very firmly said : no, sir, if you
do that on the Chinese as the west a don to see Okamura Neji, he did not understand how to make such a judgment Okamura ,need to know to do this is he thinks repeatedly had to choose
Chinese two thousand years of war history ,has a wealth of experience of war ,about the war ,the book is innumerable , Okamura Neji is very sorry to say ,Chinese troops in the nearly
hundred years history of repeatedly battle repeatedly defeated ,it is easy to despise his strength ,despise the country rich cultural heritage ,the young officer in particularly ,they always
thought that as long as the courage to applause from the enemy ,but the Chinese two thousand years ago concluded that of a city ,without war ,Good is good also mercenary the supreme principle
,from then on ,come two thousand years ,Chinese people always seek prior ,and after, the pursuit of a minimum price for the biggest victory of ,please see , Okamura Neji pointed to the
East : if you observe troop movements to protect the rear line ,if the Chinese army from the police to the east of our army to attack ? The attack? China attack? West a surprise
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