A Happy New Year ☆ 

2006年01月16日(月) 11時40分
I wish A Happy New Year !!
From the end of the year to the New Year, "Kadomatu" was put in front of my house.

The largest Kadomatu in the world

This is not my house's "Kadomatu".
I want to challenge as greatly as this "Kadomatu" in this year.

This year's snow 

2005年12月19日(月) 11時11分
This year, it snows a lot.
Especially, last Saturday and Sundey, The snow was seen here and there in Japan.
My family lives in to the north of Hiroshima City.
The snow piles every year much more than in Hiroshima City.
My mother said, the snow piled about 50 cm.
My sister said, if the school is off, she feels happy.
A lot of snow got off also in Hiroshima City.
If the snow melts, the road becomes muddy.
If The snow freezes, the road slips.
There are accident of a lot of cars more than always.

Car accident
Last Saturday, taxi driver was applying the chain of car in front of my house.
He said, he would apply the chain of car for the first time.
It was looks very terrible.
There are a lot of serious things when it snows.

However, there is goodness a lot, too.
We can't skiing if it doesn't snow.
People enjoy skiing going to purposely snowy.
It is not possible to play by the warp.
In the play of the snow, there are a lot of happy things.

And, the snow gives us a wonderful view.
It is very fantastic to look at snowing quietly.

Snow scene

Snow Reference Link
Car accident
kimonet club


2005年12月12日(月) 11時03分
The United States unit
1 inch = 2.54 cm
1 feet = 12inch = 30.48 cm
1 yard = 3 feet = 91.4 cm
1 mile = 63346.45 inch = 1.609 km

1 pound = 454 g
1 oz = 28.3 g

Liquid measure
1 gallon = 3.8 l
1 qt = 0.9 l
1 pt = 0.5 l

1 doller = 120 yen = 100 cent

Unit of currency
Japan(Edo period)
1 ryou = 4 bu
1 bu = 4 syu = 1 kanmon
1 kanmon = 1000 mon
Japan(Modern ages)
1 yen = 100 sen
1 sen = 10 rin
1 rin = 10 mou
Shin Country
1 teal = 10 mace
1 mace = 10 candareen
1 candareen = 10 cash
1 yuan = 10 chiao
1 chiao = 10 fen
1 fen = 10 li
1 won = 100 chon = 1 hwan

Integer multiplication of ten
1 deca(da) = 10
1 hecto(h) = 10 squared
1 kilo(k) = 10 cubed
1 mega(M) = 10 to the 6th power
1 giga(G) = 10 to the 9th power
1 tera(T) = 10 to the 12th power
1 peta(P) = 10 to the 15th power
1 exa(E) = 10 to the 18th power

Reference Link
Unit of mathematics

Robot pets 

2005年11月28日(月) 11時13分
Recently, robot pets have become popular.
For example, Furby, Tamagotchi and a lot more.

This is very popular robot pets, 40 million pieces were sold in the world, in 1999.
This pet grows up by communications with the owner.
It is possible to choose your favorite colors from among a lot of colors.
Tamagotchi has many kinds, too.


Tamagotchi is a game we can't expect the baby become.
It changes depending on the owner.
It became popular by becoming for 1997 years the social phenomenon.
40 million Tamagotchi in total was sold in the world.
It is popular now between the school child and the junior high school student.

Because these are too popular, it often becomes sold out.
A wiser robot pet will be marketed in the future.
I think the robot like Doraemon will be marketed.
In the future, if he is marketed, I want it by all means.
I want Doraemon with four-dimensional pocket.

Reference link


mobile phone 

2005年11月21日(月) 10時59分
I have a mobile phone.
It was made by Sharp.
I bought it recently.
The design of this mobile phone is good-looking, I love it.
Model is SH901is.


A lot of functions are attached to this cellular phone.
However, I cannot use everything.
A lot of functions are attached to the cellular phone made recently.
It is possible to substitute it for the map, the purse, and the commutation ticket by one cellular phone.
The manual becomes thick in proportion to it, too.
Then, a simple cellular phone for the senior citizen and the school child is put on the market.

I will think it is good when it comes to being able to choose the cellular phone that suits me more while is a lot in the future.

Simple phone

Simple phone reference link
A101K au


2005年11月14日(月) 10時40分
Accoding to an article on the net, the normal person seems to catch cold 5 or 6 times a year. (However, a light cold is included.)

When I catch cold, I get a sore throat.
What one are you besides in the symptom of the cold?
I examined it with the net.

The main symptom of the cold is a runny nose, the sniffles, and a cough.

There are 200 or more kinds of viruses of the cold.
However, we don't die of cold in most cases.
The cold recovers gradually if it takes a rest slowly while taking moisture and nourishment.


But when coexisting illness is caused, it is likely to get a serious
Take care to do gargle and wash your hand usually, and be careful to not to catch a cold.

Reference link

health クリニック


2005年10月31日(月) 10時54分

The other day, my sister said,"I want an i-Pod."
I asked her why she wanted one, but she had no definite reason.
She said, "Because it is small and convenient somehow."
She doesn't detail about i-Pod.

So, I examine about i-Pod.

The same size as the chewing gums

I found several kinds of i-Pods.
First, i-Pod has large capacity.
But it is very expensive.
The cheapest one is 10,980 yen.

verry small

The most expensive one is 46,800.
But it has 60GB.
Think of it, it is not expensive.
When having examined it for the USB flash memory, it costs about 20,000〜30,000
yen for 2GB.

Car Life 

2005年10月24日(月) 11時02分
Last year, I obtained a driver's lisence(only AT cars).
I got in a car training camp, It was possible to take it easily.
But I'm scared to drive in the urban area.
It is because I have driven a car only in the country.

When I come back home, I drive a little.
My mother has a white "Tanto".

This picture is "Tant". But color is different.

My mother has some stuffed animals in her car.
I want put more stuffed animals in it.

summer bacation 

2005年10月17日(月) 10時59分

My name is Kaori.
During this summer bacation, I went to Kyoto.
This is a picture of Daitokuzi.

Kyoto is a very interesting city. There are a lot of temple we should see.
I went to Kiyomizudera,too.


2005年10月03日(月) 11時15分
Today, I started my blog.
Nice to meet you.

This is Futa. He is one of the most popular animals in Japan.
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