The End of Betty's Life 

2006年05月08日(月) 17時27分
It was nice weekends again. Gospel songs, seeing a musical show, good dinner, going to a dance club, shopping and having relaxed time by the river… It was only a month that I lived in NY and I wanted to stay longer. But I can say I did quite many things for a month and could enjoy tastes of being a New Yorker. I love to come back again!
Thinking of Betty’s life, I met many people and made friends. I also challenged new things (like Gospel, Salsa, and Reading long books) and I like to learn those continuously.

I want to give my thanks to my family, friends, coworkers, classmates, store customers and any people I met and talked in the U.S.A. I have very good memories. I hope we can keep in touch even I go back to Japan.

My father or mother will come to pick me up at the Narita airport on May 10th. Then I’m looking forward to taking a bath, having Japanese dinner, watching Japanese TV programs, giving a kiss and a hug to my cat, and sleeping on my bed…… Mmmmm, these sound good to me, too!
My family and friends, see you soon!!!!!

Bufflo wings 

2006年05月03日(水) 23時21分
I think being a trainee in a retail project is good because I can go out of the office for MR (Market Research) which is an investigation of other popular retail stores and rival stores. I could also visit Wood common berry Premium Outlet Mall. Since I came to U.S, I understand what kinds of national brands are popular in each retail industries segmented by customers’ target.
Since Japan got into GW, I see more Japanese tourists these days.
Ohhh, there are only 2 more working days left.

My Seattle friends are enjoying NY, too. 2 of them stay in another friend’s house and they could join in a party of New York businessmen. There was another party with the same people and I joined this time. I couldn’t get used to American style party when I came to U.S in the last year, but now, I can handle it naturally!! The difference is they don’t eat much at any drinking parties. Besides starting & ending time, and coming people are ultra unpredictable. I could taste buffalo wing and found it taste very good!!

"Betty go home" with ET voice 

2006年05月01日(月) 9時29分
The day I will return to Japan was determined.
May 9th (Narita airport on 10th). There is only a week left!!!
I want to stay in Manhattan longer, but can't help..
I feel it strongly when I walk near Times Square.
I saw "WICKED" musical last night. I think it had
a good story relating to the "Oz" movie.
I will see 2 more musicals within this week.

But this week is a full of fun events! Because 3 friends came to NY to travel. One of them stays at my apartment. I enjoy talking with them after work. Besides my coworkers will open a farewell party for me and they reserved a nice restaurant!! Woooo,I'm looking foward going there!!


2006年04月30日(日) 22時36分
I knew this weekends would be sunny days. I couldn’t help staying home in the Sunday morning, even though I had an appointment at noon to go to a Yankees’ baseball game. I woke up at 8 am and went to the Central Park Zoo. I was curious how this zoo was like since I had seen a movie “Madagascar”, an animation movie of animals of the zoo.

I was amused with the contrast of the relaxed animals and skyscrapers in Manhattan, and the polar bears’ services to visitors. The polar bears were definitely the most popular animals in the zoo and many visitors stopped there for longer time. One was standing by stretching its 4 hands on glasses and its back on an artificial rock. So we could see its soles clearly. I felt we were not watching the polar bear but the polar bear was watching us.

After I was satisfied with comical animals, I enjoyed eating an ice cream on a bench in the Central Park. Then I headed to the meeting place for the afternoon schedule.

Yankees’ won as we expected in a home game. Matsui entered a batter box 3 times and made 1 hit, though it didn’t go to a score. I remember the game, Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red socks a few years ago. There were Ichiro, Sasaki, and Nomo. Not only Japanese audiences but Americans were also supporting those players well. But I was impressed that there was less support to Matsui. Is this New Yorkers’ character?

Get more angry! More energetic!! 

2006年04月29日(土) 23時03分
It was nice weekends as I joined in the Gospel workshop again and sang songs in a loud voice. Singing is the best way for me to release my stress and enjoy myself. I have one more chance to get the practice next week. I want to drug the Gospel teacher to Japan with me, who is very nice and energetic African-American woman. The other Japanese members in the group sing very well. Some of them live in NY to practice singing, or dancing , and aiming to get a chance to be a professional artist by challenging auditions in Harem. Other are tourists or housewives who love singing and have a good voice. So I also enjoy the ensemble with them and hearing others’ lead singing. I questioned about what kind of voice I should use to sing Gospel and Melody teacher(this is her real name) asked me stand up and repeat as she sang. I needed to sing in loud voice as like I was angry by supporting the voice by abdominal muscles.
She taught me that Gospel was born in America when African were still slaves and singing was the only moments that they could express their feeling as they like. Sometimes they included some secrets key phrases in the songs to inform something to other Africans without being noticed by White people. So, in the most cases, Gospel sounds very energetic as like they are exploding their all emotion from happiness to anger.
I tried my best and could find a better energetic voice for Gospel singing but ended up damaging my throat, which I found on my way to my room. I need to prepare something I feel angry about by next Saturday to accomplish my homework(Laugh).

from Roosebelt island

Sudden change of my career 

2006年04月24日(月) 18時07分
Suddenly my motivation toward D-project decreased dramatically. Though we’ve been preparing to open another store on east coast, we stroke on a rock that we need to get an approval from the president of our division’s president in Tokyo. Once a top manager changes, many things change almost in opposite direction.
Anyway I met my future boss who came from Tokyo today. After I go back to Tokyo around May 10th, I will belong to 2 section, one is the current retail section and the other is a section of trading plastic materials. Working in a retail shop to dealing with chemical materials.. I’m glad that my company expects me to be an expert who have wide general knowledge from materials to goods for consumers. But I feel a little nervous about working under a new boss and in the ultra busy section which is increasing sales rapidly. Then I need to succeed works which 31 years old business man was doing…Can I do it??? No, but I will try….
Anyway I should enjoy my exciting life in NY as much as possible.

Self discipline weekends 

2006年04月23日(日) 21時00分
Gradually I'm gettin know-how to get useful information about what I want do or go to. For example, I found a Web-site to get discount for clubs and bars. Or I also found a good dance center which is "drop in" type and I don't have to be a member there.

I tried Gospel workshop on this Saturday and learned some gospel songs from a real African-American singer in a church of Harem. I have not sung for 5 months and I really enjoyed singing.
On Sunday, I challenged "Basic Jazz class" in the Broadway Dance center! I knew I'm a bad dancer but I refleshed myself by perspiring well and gettin on the rythmes.

There is a famous saying that "芸術の都、ウィーン or パリ?”. But I think NY is the place of full of top class arts! I'm happy that I could learn Gospel and Jazz in each kinds of " Origin places or Sacred places"

New phenomenon 

2006年04月19日(水) 9時08分
When I was in Seattle, no one even mentioned visiting me. But once I moved to NY, my friends and family ask me if we can meet in NY one after another. As you know, my mother visited me. I have already received inquiries of visiting me from 3 friends. My sister is also eager to come but she can’t help realizing it because she is doing job hunting now. Not only friends from Japan, I have also chances to meet my coworkers of my year who come to NY on business trip. Besides I joined dinner of “young workers of Japanese trading companies” on the other day. There I could make a new network in NY. I could get several useful information like about nice Jazz bars from other trading companies’ worker.
What I wanted to say was I am enjoying this new phenomenon and looking forward to seeing people I’m gonna meet in soon!
But…………I’m hanging out only with Japanese. I’m thinking I may ask American employee of my current working company to have lunch together to get opportunities of English time.

My mother 

2006年04月17日(月) 22時04分
Time has been passing very fast in NY. There are only about 3 weeks left until I will go back to Japan.
This weekend was very busy but its reason wasn’t hard works. My mother visited me!! She arrived at Manhattan at Friday night and stayed until Monday morning .When I heard she would come this weekend just about a week before her coming, I thought “Wow! She is so brave to come by herself for her age!” Not mentioning I was very happy and excited with meeting her.

Actually I have traveled NY twice before and has known the most major places. But it has past about 5 years since then, so I was fully enjoyed visiting some of those places again. No matter how many times I went to NY, I always like to go to Brooklyn Promenade where we can see gorgeous view of the lower Manhattan. Though there was no longer the World Trade Center in the view, it was still worth to visit again. My mother and I also enjoyed passing through the Brooklyn Bridge on foot. A Broadway musical was fun, too. And I also took her to a Jazz bar and a nice restaurant on the top of Marriott hotel at the Times Square. I believe she enjoyed her vacation (Though what she did first here was cleaning my room and waiting for my returning lonely in my room. Thanks Mom).

She brought many Japanese instant foods and some spring clothes for me. Then she brought back my winter clothes to Japan. This was a good idea in order to enjoy shopping clothes (in short, I got room for increasing my things) for the rest of days.

Happy Easter 

2006年04月15日(土) 6時28分
Happy Easter!
I'm doing good. Time past so fast here because everyday is busy.My mother will visit me this evening and she will stay in NY for 5 days.I'm happy that I can meet her. She arranged this trip quickly right afterI moved to NY.
Work in NY is interesting,too. I went to Philadelpha to visit our client. I appreciate God and everyone around me that I could have such nice and precious experiences.
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