Dining with 18farmroad colleagues 

2006年03月18日(土) 2時58分
Tonight, having hot pot with 18farmroad colleaufes was a great moment for me, as i did not see Marandia and Erica for a long time. This is a farewell party for Simon, Christy and Marandia. We kept talking and talking all the time. Although i was not work for a long days in 18farmroad, i was pleased to meet these colleagues. They all are nice guys with a knidness heart. I sincerely hope that they all have a brighter future.

Pun&me~Thanks a lots to miss pun, she took me into 18framroad/

Behind the riches 

2006年03月17日(金) 1時48分
It is hard to imgaine how is the life children at the poor countries, says, India, Africa, Congo. Yet, after I read the issue about "child labour exploitation" ,which was published by UNICEF, i got a deep touch.
Children are being expolited to make money for others. Most of these children are orphans, abandonee or who ran away from home. They deprived of adequate nutrients, health care and education. They maybe employ various job. For instance, domestic servant, waiters, potentially high risk job like construction or even having sexual trading. However, the child labour cannot gain high wages. Their income is such only enough for them to buy food.

Maybe these cases are rare in Hong Kong, but still can be found. Many children mainland comers are having the same situation with those family in thses countries. The children of the family have to go out for working to earn more money for the family. This not only is affecting their study, but also their growth. In this high living standard city, we stil can find such sadness stories. But our society just turns a blind eye to this and only focus on economic development. Sign~

excellent Ramen @HK 

2006年03月16日(木) 0時28分
In Hong Kong, Japanese restaurant are opened with a tremendous number. It is not difficult to find one beside the place where you live. Yet, quality of these restaurant are irregulared, especially for those eating ramen. The well known japanese ramen restaurant chain "Ajisen 味千" advertises it ramen is as well as those in Japna. Thousand of customers go there to enjoy such "ramen" which is only some MSG soup with HK's style season. Therefore, if you want to enjoy real ramen in HK, it is a difficult job.

However, recently i discover one excellent ramen shop in HK called "888 hokkaido ramen". This shop have two branch store where one is located at Causeway Bay and another is located at TST. The staff there are japanese people who have a big smile on their face and good customer services. In addition, you can know the process of making ramen by looking through a big window in the shop. How funny it is! Otherthan these interesting things, the quality of the ramen is extremly high. The taste is as same as that i ate in Japan. Hence, if you want to have a try of the real taste of ramen, this shop is a must-go one.

8 waterloo working 

2006年03月15日(水) 3時24分
I have been working at 8 waterloo clubhouse for 2 weeks already. Everything is fine and nice. Polly treats me so well that i have never think of. And now, i need to wear the uniform of the clubhouse when i am on duty. This is my first time to wear so formal. hahah~ Look smart! Feel great~

Better english, better future? 

2006年03月15日(水) 3時02分
Having a talk with Punpun today initate my mind to get the TOEFL/ IELTS exam. Both of us realized the importance of english standard when we were F.7. However, my English standard dose not have any improvment or even step backward since i have completed a-level. This year, i saw my sister is struggling to enhance her ability in English. Can i still just wasting my time and see how my 'english' goes down the drain?

Yes, for a better, brighter, colorful future. I have to work on it with no hesitation.

nightmare of fear 

2006年03月11日(土) 1時45分
Sleepiness is happening again. These days i try to switch my resting cycle to a normal one. That mean i have to sleep befor 1: 30am and weak up around 10:oo am. But i sleepiness!!!! A feeling of fear comes up when i close my eyes.
Actually, i don't think i put much undue pressure on myself.

Okay, stop thinking of it!

From now, i should work more than anythings else or otherwise i regard.

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