lifted his head saying

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 17:45
The turtle at this time, from Zhou Xiaochuan to prepare the sand surface to climb out, lifted his head saying: "the carnival games?It sounds very interesting, I can take one?"Zhou Xiaochuan not from of one Leng: "Hey, you're not going to hibernate?Also come to what this busy doing?""This have what relation?To pet Carnival day, you save me from the sand inside to dig out wake don't become?To me this educated, well versed in fancies of men of letters do, don't have any special training, can be easily winning.I said, master, you may not be able to favour one more than another be species discrimination!"The turtle is very confident, what also say is abnormal fart.Zhou Xiaochuan could not help but laugh, smile is a bit Ji ā n. Taste: "are you sure you can easily win the prize?"The old turtle head t its ngxi ō ng, as if the moment you have won the prize: "it is natural, I even award-winning words are thought to be good, you wanna hear it?"Zhou Xiaochuan was in no mood to listen to it what winning words, a wave of the hand and said: "well, since you're so confident, then you go to take part in the race.Oh, yes, to join the race and you, should be a pet rabbit.At that time, you can and the rabbit, rabbit is a version of the race Air Max Griffey UK."Pet of the home of small animal, boisterous laugh.Laughter, mixed with the old turtle get desperation voice: "your sister ah, let me in any game is not good, not to let me go with those dead rabbit race?I this old bone, to be able to run faster than the rabbit just strange!You will not be able to give me one other games?Fancies of men of letters of what can be.If not, you to arrange a drinking game, I promise to those rabbits to drink on the ground!My capacity for liquor, not boasting......"Zhou Xiaochuan rolled her eyes: "do you think, pet Ka buried China Games, there will be competition fancies of men of letters or drinking project?"The old turtle stammered, then groaned: "what do you have to arrange a reliable bit to my games?This race was too difficult, turtle!"Zhou Xiaochuan said: "now equivocation, OK, I can wake you up."Finally pass the old turtle, black guy and a face of ingratiating smile up up: "the...Overlord, I also want to take part in a game, can you give the arrangement?"Since the underground casino is "alarm" observation to the end, a homeless black will be lost to all sense of shame with in the Zhou Xiaochuan side, how to cast away.Fortunately, a bird's appetite is small, plus Zhou Xiaochuan xinruan easy, let it stay in your side.And this, also make him and Zhang Aijia, Huang Xiaowan with the rental house, reduced to a mini zoo.A cat, a dog, and what is a bird and a snake which is not a zoo?If the thief can't sneak in and steal, I will be scared out of a heart attack.Strange to say, Huang Xiaowan this wench is obviously very like small animal, but oneself didn't keep pets.To this, Zhou Xiaochuan and Zhang Aijia were all curious asked, and her answer was always make an ambiguous statement, seemed reluctant to discuss this topic.After several times, Zhou Xiaochuan and Zhang Aijia will no longer ask her Canada Goose Men's Manitoba Jacket, only have in the heart of curious speculation.Hear the black words, Zhou Xiaochuan paused: "not?You all want to take part in the carnival games?I say that you will not want to put all the games before three, to take back?""This is not what you want?Sand,, hey hey laugh, laughter is a bit scary."I hope your sister ah, you are too arrogant." Canada Goose Banff; here, Zhou Xiaochuan paused for a moment, just learn to sand hey hey laugh, continue to say: "I love!Well, I decided, this pet carnival fun game, all the items before the three, have to undertake by our!So, I love home and stray dogs and cats housed at the centre of what De City, are difficult to do!""It, you finally realized!"Sand nodded approvingly, face a happy expression.While Zhou Xiaochuan and sand they consulted about the carnival fun game, Zhang Ai Jia wind rushed into the pet house, grabbed Zhou Xiaochuan: "come with me, quickly!"How.
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