outer space 

2005年11月07日(月) 11時46分
Outer space (also called just space) as a name for a region, refers to the relatively empty parts of the Universe, outside the atmospheres of celestial bodies. The term outer space is used to distinguish it from airspace and terrestrial locations. Although outer space is certainly spacious, it is now known to be far from empty, and filled with a tenuous plasma.

As the Earth's atmosphere has no abrupt cut-off, but rather thins gradually with increasing altitude, there is no definite boundary between the atmosphere and space. The Federation Aeronautique Internationale has established the Kármán line at an altitude of 100 km (62 miles) as the working definition for the boundary between atmosphere and space. In the United States, persons who travel above an altitude of 50 miles (80 kilometers) are designated as astronauts. 400,000 feet (75 miles or 120 kilometers) marks the boundary where atmospheric effects become noticeable during re-entry.


the iPod 

2005年10月31日(月) 10時59分
I want to buy an iPod. But it is very expensieve. I have an MD walkman, but it was broken. So I do not have a portable music player. I earn some money to get an iPod.
Most iPod models store media on a built-in hard drive, while the smaller iPod shuffle and iPod nano use flash memory. Like most digital audio players, an iPod can serve as an external data storage device when connected to a computer.


2005年10月24日(月) 11時36分
The 1.8-liter engine model features a newly-developed six-speed manual transmission which optimizes engine speed and acceleration characteristics at high rpms.
The double wishbone suspension at the front and rear is further enhanced. Through reviewing of the geometry and fine tuning, the driving stability of the new Roadster was refined for more fun driving.

introduce myself 

2005年10月17日(月) 11時00分
My name is Daisuke Nakamura. I am a Japanese. I belong to Hiroshima City Univercity. I'm from Yamaguchi. I was born 1986 February 14. I like play soccer.
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