Robot with the ego 

2005年12月05日(月) 7時33分

  Recently, the technology of robotics accomplishes remarkable growth. "ASTROBOY" that had been thought 40 years ago cannot be indeed produced by the current technology. However, the robot etc. that walk and dance have already attained to perfection. The robot that can do a complex judgment might appear if the robot technology advances as it is. However, a big problem is presented in the directionality. It is a problem "How does it become it when the ego arises in the robot?”

  Does the revolt (so-called Frankenstein complex) to man whom the West civilization such as the United States regards wait?

  Or, is the society that coexists with man like "Iron-Arm Atom" of Japan waiting?

  It might be good because the problem is considered as Isaac Asimov who invents three robot principles repeats in the SF novel if it thinks referring to it.

↓ The net novels on "Robot with the ego" that receives impression reading in the past are casually linked.

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mobile phone's histoy 

2005年11月21日(月) 9時33分

The start of mobile phones is a car telephone that makes the battery of the car a power supply. Service started in 1979 in Japan.
"Shoulder phone" that became it in a present cellular phone appeared in 1985.
However, it was very heavy(three kg).
And, "type 802" that was called the first generation of the cellular phone in 1987 appeared.

The technology and the service of the cellular phone rapidly start advancing starting with it.
Because the charge's having become cheap, the number of those who use the cellular phone has increased.
Service "i-mode" that was able to hook up to the Internet started, and it became an explosive hit in 1999.

If you want to know carrying plainly ・・・
Wikipedia-mobile phone

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2005年11月14日(月) 9時29分
About Alzheimer
Alzheimer is called an acknowledgment syndrome.

  This sickness starts from the defect of memory, and the intellectual ability decreases overall. Mere aging and the difference with Alzheimer are incomprehensible. However, heavy Alzheimer makes daily life difficult.

  The picture described below got into the news on the Internet this year. This picture is a transition of the self-portrait that the person of a certain Alzheimer drew.
To tell the truth, I think that this picture frankly shows fear of Alzheimer.

It applies to the treatment of Alzheimer if the history of medicine is a history of overcoming various sickness and injuries.
A fundamental treatment has not been developed yet. However, "Arisept" and "Garatamin", etc. are developed as a pair syndrome medicine.
I wish the treatment of Alzheimer to appear by the development of a further medicine.
About Arisept

Give me Doraemon's tool 

2005年10月17日(月) 9時21分
The student of the science course is busy.
It is because it is necessary to write the report of the experiment every week.
At least, it is so at my university.
To complete reporting every time, it greatly becomes tired.
I often think, "If it is once every two weeks at least, it is very good".
Otherwise, I want to finish up the report smoothly with a tool of Doraemon.

This figure is a Doraemon's copy robot in a certain country.

First topic 

2005年10月03日(月) 9時38分
Today, I began my blog.
I don't like English. But it is necessary to write my brog in English.
(My mind inside) → ヽ(`Д´)ノ oh noooooooo!
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