A Happy New Year!! 

2006年01月16日(月) 11時51分

I wish you a happy new year!!

This year is the year of dog.


2005年12月19日(月) 11時04分
December 18

When I got up in the morning, much snow had lain. When I came out of the house, snow had lain on the car plentifully. I did snow removal of the circumference of a house around 12:00. Although I did not slide, since there was much snow, snow removal got tired.
Did that kind of snow fall at this time last year?
December 19

When I got up this morning, although it was not snowing any longer, much snow had lain on the car. Although I went to school by my car, it was difficult for the parking of school to park a car. On the hill which goes to a parking , my car carried out the slip once or twice.
I was able to go to school safely after all.



2005年12月12日(月) 11時03分


1 kilo bit=1000bit
1 Mega bit=1000kilo bit
1 Byte=8 bit
1 Kilo Byte=1024 Byte
1 Mega Byte=1024 Kilo Byte
1 Giga Byte=1024 Mega Byte
1 Tera Byte=1000 Giga Byte
1 Peta Byte=1000 Tera Byte
1 Exa Byte=1000Peta Byte
1 Zetta Byte=1000 Exa Byte
1 Yotta Byte=1000 Zetta Byte

1 km=1000 m
1 m=100 cm
1 cm=100 mm
1 kg=1000 g

1 inch=2.54cm
1 yard=0.9144 m
1 feet=0.3048 m
1 mile=1.6093 km
1 natutical mile=1852 m
1 geographical mile=1855 m
1 Astronomical unit=1.4959787066*10^11m


2005年11月28日(月) 11時29分

Probably, the day when human beings will produce a man type robot will come soon. Blockbuster "i, ROBOT" created a new robot that nobody has still seen. It is the intellectual entertainment which asks an essential old and new theme, developing thrilled sublime action splendidly. A hero is Will Smith of popular star of familiarity by "Men in Black" and the "Independence day."

I borrowed a friend's DVD and saw this movie. This movie was very pleasant.Since I like Will Smith, most movies on which Will Smith is appearing are looking.
Will Smith is very smart


mobile phone 

2005年11月21日(月) 10時40分
Vodafone is very goodtoratora + taturu

Almost all people have cellular phones now. Those who do not have are unusual.As a spectacle often seen recently, Schoolchildren are mailing by cellular phones. It is a spectacle which was not imagined in my time. Why did cellular phones spread quickly? They are several reasons. As a strong reason, wherever we may be, we can telephone. As other reasons, we can use e-mail easily.
Now, a cellular phone is an indispensable existence.

My cellular phone is Vodafone's V603SH. It is very easy to use.
With the upper photograph, it is most right-hand side


2005年11月14日(月) 10時51分
I want to carry out the vaccination of influenza by November. Influenza is infected in a cough or a sneeze. toraji Since the power is powerful, it is very in fashion at a nursery, a kindergarten, and an elementary school. A vaccination is the most effective for preventing infection. There are some models in a virus, and since a model in fashion is different every year, annual inoculation is required for it. A vaccine begins to be effective in two weeks after inoculation, and it is valid for about five months. For the end of December to the end of March being a fashion term, and attaching immunity by then, it is inoculation by November.taturu

outer space 

2005年11月07日(月) 10時37分
The universe is infinite
. I want to see the earth from the universe at once in life. Moreover, I want to experience weightlessness only once. Furthermore, I want to look at the takeoff of a space shuttle on that spot. And I want to inspect the inside of the space shuttle. The black hole is very horrible. But I want to look at the spectacle in which the black hole appears.
What is there in other planets? I want to explore Mars and Venus and so on. But this will be an impossible talk.
What is the universe?

MDwalkman and i-Pod mini 

2005年10月31日(月) 11時23分
This photograph is my MD walkman I bought this MD Walkman for the first time when I was a first-year student at high school. Since it was too boring when I went to school by bicycle, I began to listen to music on my bicycle.

By the way, recently, i-Pod is popular and those who have been increasing. Since capacity of iPod is large compared with MD Walkman, I think that I will buy it if MD Walkman breaks
Music is wonderful


2005年10月24日(月) 11時40分
I like SUZUKI's WAGON R. This is a WAGON R which I always drive. But my car isn't such a new one.When I wanted to buy a new car, my cousin bought a new car which is a PRESAGE. PRESAGE is NISSAN's car. It was very widely voluminous. The other day's driving in my cousin's new car was comfortable. By the way, cousin's car has a color different from the photograph's.

zoomer! zoomer! zoomer! 

2005年10月17日(月) 11時00分
Let me introduce myself. In my free time, I watch TV and movies and listen to music; especially I like J-pop music. By the way, my bike is a Zoomer . Zoomer is an interesting bike.But my bike is noisy and slow. I want to remodel it.
The trouble is that I don't ride very often, because my older sister uses it to go to work.
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