Things I'll not buy again

April 30 [Wed], 2014, 19:41
Good morning!

It's been a while since the last time I posted here, but it's been a quite busy month for me

Anyway, today I've been cleaning up my makeup pouch in order to throw away finished products and to check what I'm going to need.
I don't plan to repurchase any of the ended products, because I want to try new things, hehe

Today's post is about what I will not buy again... because it's not worth it! not even being very cheap products. When buying cosmetics, you don't always really need to be on the pricey side to get good quality products, though I suppose that if you pay very low prices you can end up with a big collection of unuseful cosmetics.

Fortunately, I'm more on the safe side, so I prefer to buy not-so-cheap cosmetics and to have only a few of them, what I really need
But don't think I've always been like this; the next products are the prove!

OK, these 3 culprits are not going to enter my makeup pouch anymore:

Essence eyeshadow in white-beige:

I bought this eyeshadow 'cos I needed something light colored and easy to apply. And that's precisely the problem, it's too easy to apply!

Maybe you can see that the powder is basically everywhere, and that's because it's too light, not compact at all. I know that powder eyeshadows can be tricky, but this is too much. Even when I used gently a brush to apply it, the powder seemed to want to scape from the box!
Not to mention this is not long lasting... it's more of the 5 minutes lasting, if that's possible

Essence 3 in 1 concealer:

What I love the most about this product is the colors and the name: Forget it! Because that's exactly what I'm gonna do with this concealer, ha!

The colors are OK (well, maybe beige is a little dark for my skin), but the texture is just gross... coarse and almost impossible to apply correctly because of it's hardness.

It's also greasy but not moisturizing, which it's something I can't stand in cosmetics...

Missha 4D Volume Mascara:

It was very cheap, but now I know why... it was not the product nor the brush, it was the time it lasted: a month.

The quantity of product wasn't very much, OK, but it got dry in a month! I tried pouring a few drops of olive oil into the bottle, but it was useless.

I'm also running out of blush and I need a new concealer (a good one!) since the Holika Holika one that I bought some months ago it's not very good for me.

Phew! Sometimes buying makeup online may be quite a impossible mission, but it's funny anyway

See you!
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