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October 26 [Fri], 2012, 16:45
t that the blood of absolute being dragon releases to fasten sorcery what all can't, how teach a somebody else?"2 people followed Wei in the Ao to pull up sorcery teacher labor union, although uiyfiroehnj still is a morning, the pedestrian of road has been many to get up, various store has been already started practice, a day of busy beginning.3 people march forward on the street, although is all sorcery teacher to attire, they don't can make a too frightened matter as well, can speed a step to walk as far as possible.
Simultaneously walk, Wei in the Ao pulls to tell the Xuan for month and foolish, ratio canyon Lu at Anne Di Si city northeast, is surrounded by a few knoll with not big areases and become, the earliest of time once was a mineral area as well, but afterwards because excessively mined for minerals, make the mineral there hide sharply decrease, the leader of second gold clan for supporting this mineral mountain, the strong line of order is all to fell a personnel to withdraw.Afterwards, the several decades previous slight earthquake thoroughly changed the geography there, the mountain body contained very big variety and made geography extremely steep, now already few someones go there.
This two greatest sorceries teacher labor union of so the antinomy gets stripe such situation, the reason of the most is two far ways a more than 10 dayses ago new nfl jerseys 2012 since then of mainland sorcery teacher labor union member drive gold empire sorcery teacher in sky the labor union beat severely wounded, mainland sorcery teacher labor union garrisoned a few elders here to lost patience and just put forward a challenge to the other party, decided with lent real strenght to expel the sorcery teacher labor union of gold empire in the sky Anne Di Si city.

Chapter 108 labor union contends for
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Listen to description that finish Wei in the Ao's pull, 3 people finally came out Anne the Di Si is this big city, new nfl jerseys 2012 follow spacious of the big way go forward toward northeast.
"Wei in the Ao pulls, since both parties want with the real new nfl 2012 jerseys strenght cut off one victory or defeat, with you this approach is evil to lead a private of level, why didn't participate in?Does mainland sorcery teacher labor union have confidence so?"
Wei in the Ao pulls a way:"That arrives be not, say ashamed, the elders of labor union think greatly of very much to me, at me return at the age of 10 , have already particularly developed my sorcery level, particularly a few elders that the self-discipline breezes fasten sorcery, take care of very much to me.In their eyes, I am the secret weapon of labor union now, probably is the real strenght that they didn't want to early let baltimore ravens jersey the other party know me, so just make me appear in the public situation, and stay to guard in the home this time.In fact, my sorcery level also has no you say so tallly, only aer little bit badly some than common big sorcery teacher just, of so can fasten sorcery with a strong breeze, the reason of the most is the Aeolian Zhang that I just once used."
Xuan Yue wanted to think, way:"I the good elephant saw be passed to jotting down of Aeolian Zhang in the ancient works before, it shoulded be an absolute being machine, have never thought will in the your hand."
Wei in the Ao pulls a way:"Is quite good, the Aeolian Zhang really is an absolute being machine, had it, being my sorcery level almost could promote a file time.It has two effects, one is the sorcery effect that can strengthen Shi Fa Zhe and make sorcery control easily some, another, be make effect that cent copies, is previous what I use that to recruit.The effect that copies this cent is very strange, he can let the sorcery teacher keep weakest near body from fighting shot, after dividing a shadow, each shadow can be a true person to be an unreal image, and, the biggest effect is the figure that divides to use a sorcery at the same time.You think that the power that a person's sorcery suddenly becomes 9, folds to add together can strengthen a lot."
In the Xuan month heart a surprised, way:"Is this

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absolute being machine so miraculous?That you aren't to be getting more invincible, if you can use a six class sorceries with the shadow in cent and afraid of is your opponent on any sorcery none of teacher of mainland.Nine times the sorcery that folds to add but become several increment power!"
Wei in the Ao pulls a wry smile way:"Where have so easily, although the Aeolian Zhang has this characteristics,make use of a cent shadow use sorcery very difficult, the magic point of depletion needed is also that the several at ordinary times are above.With my current self-discipline level, the breeze shield just using was already an extreme limit, I now is 1/2 of magic point shortage the str