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October 26 [Fri], 2012, 16:09
ay:"Do not force I, brothers, don't force me.I can not like every month!We are impossible, I not ability and every month is together."
If the Xuan month because the concussion of emotion, didn't cautiously comprehend foolish and listen to the voice of foolish pain and sufferings, the her heart violent ache gets up, she unexpectedly ownly pays to unexpectedly get the repay of the foolish brush-off, Jiao Qu tiny in a flash, beautiful eyes tears light concealed now, Qi however way:"Why impossible?Because ice?"
The foolish body is one earthquake, raise mbt calzado head, a shocked appearance looking at Xuan for month, he has already bolsos gucci forgotten he to once take out the head of ice to be like in the Xuan month in front, mbt calzado at this time listen to her speaking of ice, this name, ice the words of the in the article of death front continuously ring out, she that ever sad but beautiful appearance makes some foolish chis, in his heart more disorderly, looking at the Xuan month of in front, mumblingly could not say words.
Looking at foolish facial expression, the Xuan month thinks that oneself guessed a rightness, the chest imitated a Buddha to press a piece of big stone can not breathe, the tears is free from a control of flow to drip but descend, mumbling way:"It is really because of her."Always, the Xuan months all believe deeply foolish is bolsos prada to like the own, but, the foolish facial expression let her Be getting loster all interest.He originally doesn't love himself/herself, what he loved is that to call glacial girl's son.
Foolish draw a deep sigh, wipe off Xuan with the gusset for month the tears on the face, light way:"Brothers, how did you cry.Be suffered for every month?Hereafter while seeing her, you tell her for me, let her forget me.Foolish unqualified and every month together!"He has already wanted to know, although oneself sincerely likes every month,the margin of identity by all means will bring every month many troubles, in spite of from which aspect to say, oneselfs all don't deserve every month and influence her whole life with it rather to give up now well, oneself most at least and Xuan the month be all unlikely to sink into too deep.In this time, foolish shrink back, he shrunk back in own feelings in front.
The Xuan month wood however nod, always of hope, change come of unexpectedly is a brush-off, she again how can can be subjected to?Looking at foolish silent face, the Xuan month Qi however way:"Eldest brother, originally you ray ban gafas de sol don't like every month and see, she was too silly, completely is on mutually wishing, you trust, I will tell her, let she hereafter again not come vexed you, you can with you that ice was together."
Foolish don't explain him and ice of relation, lower the head, continuously repeat gafas de sol ray ban to let three words down.He suddenly feels that he seemed to lose what, lost very important thing.
Replied one in the beautiful eyes in month of Xuan very long the silk is angry, light way:"Eldest brother, I have a little today tired, we seek a trip store to take a rest first, tomorrow again go to sorcery teacher labor union."
Foolish can also say at the moment what, can silently order to nod.The ground stood at them not there is at the right moment a trip store in distance, Xuan the month walked like the walking corpse sort past.Pain and sufferings of the foolish heart not at Xuan month under, know that

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oneself's lover also equally likes himself/herself, but can not admit own feelings, this kind of mows pain and sufferings of sort and makes his body a bit tiny to shiver tinily like the knife.2 people so a speech don't deliver of walked into a trip store, Xuan month blunt foolish way:"Eldest brother, we are getting richer now, each live a room."
Foolish silently ordered to nod, he was similar to the viewpoint of Xuan month now, thinks a person to gafas de sol ray ban calm down.The month of the Xuan wanted two standards that mutually face, and foolish took key to bolsos prada respectively step to go into room inside, who dided not say a words again as well, the atmosphere of 2 people's abnormality dignified.
The month of the Xuan closes his/her own door, can not repress endocentric pain and sufferings any further and falls to sit to weep aloud on the ground.The foolish brush-off step down just like the sky to her similar, the felling of a bolt from the blue deeply whopats her heart.Why, why!Only separated for three years for three years, your heart changed, foolish, foolish, you aren't mine any further Be getting more foolish.
Foolish after getting into room, wood however lie on the bed, the words of Xuan day continuously ring out in his at heart, "I tell you, in the younger sister heart is have yours.You definitely tell me, you exactly have a felling to the younger sister." Foolish really think shouting of horselaugh, have, I have felling to the every month!But he not ability, for identity of from vulgar make him basically don't dare to vindicate nor dare to admit.He shrinks body Quan big bed up, tiny tinily convulse, various complicated emotion pounds at of his head is a such ache, his wet eye is getting more uiyfiroehnj misty, the mind and bodies all sank into profo