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October 27 [Sat], 2012, 11:38
She doesn't understand the Xuan Yuan Qing dust why the meeting ask like this, the high sensitive of inborn formation, let she whole body of the nerves all stretch tight tightly, the brain thinking quickly revolves.A life time~Ji~medium~text
The station of kept body, converse store she converse jack purcell shoes was tiny to lift Han, the Lian Yan water Mou a sweep an at present person.

"Who am I ?Wang Ye, you tonight drink many, still kill people to kill of not enough fully enjoy!"Being guttural puckery dumb to make her say a word each time is all particularly difficult.

Now of she can not also understand his intention, but can affirm of tell oneself, just his great anger differ from usually, more see not pure, she even wants particularly of caution.

The look in the eyes Yin of the Xuan Yuan Qing dust Ning, project on her, a wanting of inch 1 inch sees through an at

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present person.On the carouse, she is a small inadvertent action, but bring about controversy in his heart bottom.

Only this, enough she is these day inside, oneself to her be concerned with ? and love to pay a huge price and once cheated his person, can never once escape his Cheng to cure.

The spends converse kids shoes Mei Nu, the Gu king thinks to you like 1:00, but not drive you be become fool to play happy

"Drink much?Is a Gu Wang He Duo, is still your courage more and more big, public place openly with Gu the king set against!"

His Mi rises eyes and greatly treads and comes forward and makes her back in the corner of wall, under the Fu body, the Tong Mou of the tiny piece, start to raise hand Nian the hair that she scatters, tie up and round between each.Another palm fondles to ascend her the body of wonderful Man, the Yin cold look in the eyes looks at night scene Lan.

The treads son to stumble of stay back several bottoms, have chuck taylor allstar converse already gone to corner of wall, don't have way out, the night scene Lan back stuck wall, the cool idea carried on the back to inherit behind from her.Gradually fill the air in the arms and legs to rove around in 100 Hais.

Felling like this, seem returned to previously, that night in the bamboo grove, he such as wild beast generally loot of vehemence, she profoundly in the brain and the body.

"I just make Wang Ye don't want like this treat have already departed from this life of person, I miss total someone in your inferiority will with my similar viewpoint, the private can kill can not Ru, this truth Wang Ye should understand!"

"The private can kill can not Ru, the Gu king converse jack purcell shoes certainly know, but kills one as a warning to a hundred you to once listen to as well, the king of the Gu stands treat today, idea at warn those desire Wang Chun is to the Gu.The desire moves of person.But you are in the in front of outsider openly and Gu the king take issue, your courage vegetable come big, don't think Gu king to you just some little of doter, you are dizzy with success!"

"That ask Wang Ye take back you of doter, I always have never thought and how is your meeting?Have never wanted converse 2012 to rely on support your as well what dote on to be dizzy with success, or scatter to your Ji Qie in the mansion like."She basically ignores the Xuan Yuan Qing dust gradually changes of air.

Pa~~~the Xuan Yuan Qing dust wield arm, the one punch is beaten she converse kids shoes of the wall of face flank up, what time splash of the blood spray thin mount in the chain of night scene Lan, warm up of taint with up, but fast- changing iciness.

The blood of follows to point to sew slowly but, the on the wall Zhan opens one blood scar of putting on and winds around but descends.The face of the dark top but present one sneer of putting on fgwuioeghe in the corner of mouth.

The night scene Lan but just looking at at present everything chillily.

"You don't want Gu king to yours, can, Gu taking back of whole amount king!"He lightly smiled, was dyed red finger by the blood to once fondle own lips, the blood went into lips, and the bloody flavor stimulates him."However, the Gu king always doesn't like his/her own thing converse 2012 drive other people's occupancy, which afraid is see one eye!"

"Do you want to do again what?"She the inclined Ni wear the Xuan Yuan Qing dust and order on the face deep red is his blood stain.

His finger follows lips but descend, at Bo neck place slowly glide, do 1'kill'of signal.

Does the kill?!Once her look in the eyes move, he wants to kill of can't be he.Will be......"This is my affair, and cloud Wang Ye is irrelevant!"The night scene Lan immediately understood and blurted out.

The Xuan Yuan Qing dust wants to deal with from the first of is cloud breeze of Su, he expects Su cloud breeze can not let go quiet Wan, will chuck taylor allstar converse definitely return to north Anne along with them as well.Today, he does of everything, be want to take a dispute with the quiet Wan of Su.

If the isn't that oneself is horizontal to add one Gang various of his previous actions inside, sincerely the personal relationship o