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"The medicine get ready, you play by ear by yourself."His low voice says and finishes saying and then turns round to leave.He cans make of, is only these just.

The Xuan Yuan Qing dust throws night gafas de sol ray ban scene Lan on the bed, cold see her painful vacillating, bolsos prada but Be not willing to say a pain in his in front.Grasp a wrist, mbt calzado silver needle at embrace bolsos gucci she comes back of the on the way split, the half remains on the wrist.

Of, his finger knead breaking of silver needle place, not is to pull out, but the downwards pressing of a little goes.The slow-moving rhythm makes him clearly feel the ache of blood relationship.

From 10 years old start, he has already learned to forget a pain is what feel, because of this woman;After several years, he again re- feels ache, but also because of this woman.

Does the spend Mei Nu?Are you to spend Mei Nu?

He closes to her and make an effort of pull her body over the noodles toward she.

"You want to do again what, hurriedly of!"The night scene Lan all painfully feels and suffocate a sort and coolly look at at present Fu body to looking at his/her own men.

"Say that you are to spend Mei Nu."He can not explain, why her words and actions bearings all with impression of different?Why always the Jiao is soft of she changes of the personality is obstinate, and is the artistic skill fairly good?

Ten thousand sorts deliberate only an explanation, be his emperor elder brother peach Li Dai Jiang, the flower house sought substitute!But her body up of bite a scar to return how to explain?That wound a see be many year agos leave of, can not make copy!

"BE be not, again so importance?"She suddenly feels he is funny, always all the bigotry is at this problem."The flower Mei of the past the Nu Be as early as to be granted the marriage to your time die, current of I am no longer old-world the be arbitrarily ordered about of pitiful insect!"

"Shut up!"He roars a way, whether she BE, he know, she would not like to marry him a heart to try to commit suicide;She doesn't want the doter that he gives, several times escape and even dared to make moves to harm him for the sake of Su cloud breeze;He why for everything that she does, she could not see!Just stay around at bolsos prada first, hates him with the taste of grudge

The starts to carry the medicine bowl of table, the his Yin cold look in the eyes stares at her."The Gu king can't are getting more softhearted to you again, because you equally have no heart!"Say, he faces upward to drink dosage juice, the palm ties up bolsos gucci to round her long hair, start to pull she.At the same time, knead her Han,

ray ban gafas de sol

force her to open a mouth.

The night scene Lan the skin of head be started to pull, the painful air conditioner keeps absorbing, icy cold on the lips of tiny piece.Immediately after, equally cold medicine juice is fed her by the Xuan Yuan Qing dust, the tip of the tongue ties up to round and push Sang total amount of be pushed into a larynx.

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The breath that the soon suffocate connects to take center of the chests to all painfully make her feel that the heart palpitates will be suddenly and suddenly.Body of painful compared with it, also calculate not up what.

'S kissing is a depredation of, that kind of cut up rough, very anxious to want the exasperation that she crushes pieces to ruin, wreak havoc in the of night scene Lan, follow her Bo neck all the way but bottom, each time make an effort all of a sudden is all wound in his heart, the pain in the heart!

The flower Mei Nu, you incredibly can let Gu Wang Tong, that you along together want to take my pain but pain

The ray ban mbt calzado gafas de sol pulls the wrist that she resists, he is cold a smile."While aring a poison hair now, you where have energy can again harm me!"He arrived a pair of Hao prison in the wrist prison of night scene Lan in the bedside and pulled belt to fasten.The finger tip dead that looking at scallion sorts dies of hold into a fist, bite tight double of lipses in fine threads blood exudation.

"Very painful gafas de sol ray ban BE, this medicine is then violent, only make you once try Gu king can let the autumn waters use."He speaks slowly, but throw under the bed from the waist the porcelain bottle for dropping into.

He is that she prepared an analgesic tablet and just saw to fgwuioeghe her not to need!He isn't intentional but want her feeling, how know that she is as well a not intentional person, equally not intentional where will have feeling can say.

In the night scene Lan eyes, only have look in the eyes and corner of mouth of his dark ruthlessness smiling face.

"My living only lie in you to be just the life that needs me to exchange autumn waters to you and otherly say more not beneficial!"

"Rightness!You are understand good, for you, the Gu king can't anily feel pity on any further, if isn't your body Gu the king still like and how can stay you till now!"

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