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October 29 [Mon], 2012, 16:47

> A new week, a new day, the first more to ------ Maleonn Xiaohe said: bad attitude, QunabEN, coM than distinct - as legend, human, Ma Liang course clearly A the Grandmaster level Busuan master, how great presence. As a warlock, Maleonn course, in this regard, not the person, realistically speaking. Luxiang An smiled and waved his hand, like the appearance of fine, clear, and said: nothing comparable between the text of surgery and bucket surgery,Canada Goose Constable, why do comparisons between each other, have on the level of success or failure .... Furthermore, said, even wanted to glory abroad surgery exchanges need to learn from a battle of wits, I practice text surgeon was powerless, should then 'Underworld' sit his old Ken mountain ...... Oh. This is so as observers layman Chu Mingyi get antsy, endless curiosity - Goodfellas, legendary figures and operation method actually is true ...... but who called the elderly who sit to hell Why refused mountain? Will his coming out, then how wonderful shock? Unfortunately, Luxiang An did not go on, Chu Mingyi only his thoughts, to imagine - it must be a Warlock areas, the status and operation method high extraordinary people, listen to the name on the very domineering very powerful ah Maleonn listening Luxiang An own grandfather Pengdao to such a high position, and my heart wells up a mentality called pride,UGG Kids Classic Tall. However, in view of the impression to Ma Liang Lu Xiangan done before is not how good,Canada Goose Victoria, so he quickly thought of other ways, and my heart will care about - these demonstrate their battle of wits thing, can it does not matter to me, not only to try to avoid while much of, have to take precautions just in case. Thought here, Ma Liang will no longer talk about this thing, seem to feel quite unwell for a cold Chuming Yi before questioning, and therefore he turned of Chuming Yi said with a smile: can be completely eradicated after a week ...... expression of apology, which was then slightly puzzled and worried and asked: within body the intolerable itching or pain acupuncture, the first time let me know. As for the other ... Oh, Chu total not to say that they have several places of habitual residence house? later if there is time convenient , it is best to go everywhere Zhaizi closer look at it again, within a radius of twenty meters, avoid Qing Qi branches growing strange trees and flowering plants, such as breweries villa, poplar tree on a branches, long very strange, counterintuitive, and growing is directed at the mansion ... But then there are aware of this method seems to not work - to know that those trees are not your own ... and ordinary people and how easily seen strange at the growth of trees and plants? So Chu Mingyi slightly worried look and said: I definitely would not ill-treat you request said: idle, as you were born. Chu Mingyi surprise: is sorry ah. , there are some things I very necessary reminder in advance ...... trip I do not want any reward tell you to go to, but you have to promise me that several conditions. said. Ma Liang micro frown lowered eyelids, no hurry, some appearance seem to need careful thought to myself, where appropriate. He leaned forward himself picked up the cigarette to the point on a slowly smoking a probe into a white bowl on the coffee table, while using the right index finger, gently rubbing the TV drama a few drops already condensed into the blood stains, dry, action very casual, like inadvertently think just a little trick. Chu Mingyi sincere expression looked Maleonn, waiting, not to quicken. Luxiang An sitting on the side of the slightly wrinkled brow, looked Maleonn right index finger in white porcelain bowl gently paddling with rubbing ... surge of Siyousiwu Reiki along Maleonn means tip into the white porcelain bowl, slightly rippling, like a Wang clear water. Reiki integrate into it a few drops of the original dry condensed into the blood stains, even slowly melt the transition from black and red became the first bright red, like just from the outflow of the human body in general. Maleonn his head down, not to look Luxiang An, and Chuming Yi, like some sad softly, slowly said: Chu total of human character letting me quite admirable, combined with my warlock identity already you know, will desperation helping hand extended, wanted to come to this, Mr. Lu Lao, Chu sum is very clear. pony you are longing for the low-key, lived the great saphenous ordinary people living in the city, I disturb your Kiyonaga. Chuming Yi language said with apologetic and sincere. Lu Xiangan face showing the hint of smile, Maleonn this is in bad rules ah Ma Liang smiled and looked up, waved his hand, revealing a touch of no longer mind the look, then said: condition, first, not the identity of my warlock leak; second, can not be aware of my identity, and I am familiar with the reason, have some things in the future, and then came to me for help; Third Well, think of me as the average person, forget I was a warlock ...... maybe we can be friends, so that better. will not betray a friend ... But then Chuming Yi thought about what Luxiang An embarrassed smile, and quickly turned red. Luxiang An dumbfounding - Anyway, I'd become Jiaoshe Gen betray others villains. Maleonn satisfied nod, and then again as said: already too late. I saw Ma Liang's right hand are like blooming orchids in the air five fingers stretching muzzle that drop of blood, wrist wrenching fingers fingertips at the same time is not accompanied by paddling with fast speed, people dazzling sense, I just feel that refers to the shadow rippling, dreamlike generally strange. Does not know which has Maleonn spiritual perception and of infuriating the presence, can only reach so results. The Luxiang An out into the half hand stopped down helpless recovery, slightly tossed about not watch of Maleonn that whipped hand shadow, just quietly cover your mind will not by its interference arising from the disorder. Chuming Yi is dazzled look like, and looked blankly watching, to secretly the Qin Peima good surgery method really wonderful when his mind seems to have a ray of the idea of ​​being some kind of weird and strong but feel faint attractive pumped out into the illusory hand shadow along his line of sight. Sudden, Maleonn right hand still, blood drops shrouded in hand shadow, even a heap Hongwu hint of the size of a fist. Maleonn micro mouth gently smoke, the that group Hongwu they turned into a wisp of smoke Maleonn inhalation intra-abdominal. Maleonn your breath slowly spit Zhuoqi, and then restore honest, sincere and honest smile like usual expression. The pony, which is why ...... After listening to the words of Lu Xiangan look Luxiang An so facial expressions, Chu Mingyi seem to feel a little bad, want not understand how it is, he marveled that he spoke and asked: not this house, oh, no, no, to me there is nothing wrong? clean, and nothing worries. said it since the legend, the human being, willing to live a simple life, but encountered such sorcerers harmful events should also be shot to subdue demons slayer in order to uphold justice ~! ,timberland boots. . <

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