2005年03月14日(月) 21時36分
2day i decide to change my daily in there ,,,haha!!!2nite i hope i can finish my finance assignment !!Tmr i will apply for the ADSL ..yeah!!thx for erica!otherwise i can 't entry my daily in there!!!hehe!!2day i chat with my high sch classmate in icq ..she studies medical boi in USA!.Unbelievable!!yeah!!!2nite, my hsemate still play big2 card at home!! god!my house is not CASINO!1WOWOW!! Suddenly i miss Junko so much!! Hopefully she will call back me ....2nite!lala

2DAY...IS sO HOT.... 

2005年03月17日(木) 20時01分
Thx for Erica!!i can make my profile lur!!!2day i hv class from 11 to 5 , but i just hv 1 tut &lect. actually!!!So i don't feel tired ... This afternoon hv 35C in pERTH .uNBELIVEABLE !.....

2 Years ...Celebrate!! 

2005年03月18日(金) 14時09分
last nite , i did argue with HIm again ...that made so sad &Unhappy ...This morning we seem get well again ....Fortunately!!Although i hv class from 9 to 5 2day ..., i still feel happy!!coz 2nite we will celebrate 2 yrs with Rudy's Couple???How Come?????anyway i'm agree with him ...(as tmr is his 20s b-day!!)Otherwise....haha

Eventhough 2day is Anthony'S B-DAY 

2005年03月19日(土) 22時02分
2day i wake up earlier in order to make the cheesecake 2 him ...At nite, we hv a b-day's dinner with anothe friend ..afterthat we go 2 jerry's hse play feel so sad as it Happen Unhappy event , Actually i dun mind u lose $$ by the playing card . However i know that they are cheating to play , it's not Fair absolutely la..i dun feel they treat him for their friend !In hk , i never hv this type of frie, Shit!2nite, we also hv an agrue again come??i know it's my fault,,,Sorry!!!i always so childish to deal with our problem ...but i can't control my emotion ....i think My EQ too low..
when we leave jerry's hse, i with anthony, jes, lokman go 2 sing K .....(RUDy as well) happy lala....then go back home to play Fair card gameuntil 8 :00 am ,so crazy .........then we go to bed .......Help!!

CoOl Down Already! 

2005年03月24日(木) 15時18分
last nite, i still couldn't go on internet By ADSL??hOW come ??whatever i must be use it during in the break !!!i'm feel so Happpy as tmr will start my easter break for 1 week, Actually i just finish my Long Summer break within 1 month only!!So i really enjoy my U Life ...ha! if i work , i think i hv no more free time ,,,haha!However, within 2 year, hv 2 finish my degree...Otherwise i spend a lot of $ from my Dad!!
2day, the wether seems cold down a lot, at least it's not as hot as yesterday la(it was 40C)...Impossible !!!when i went on the street, it seem live in the desert.
after the half of the Finance Lect.i with Daniellel skip it & go back home.Then 2nite hv a dinner at northbridge!!tmr i must hv a dinner at home, no $$ at all!!!
after the dinner , we go 2 dino drinking !!but i feel so borinGGG.........In addition , i come back so late already that why i couldn't call back 2 Edith,,,,SoRRY!My darling!!i hope u can solve the problem with Him!!

Garden CiTy 

2005年03月29日(火) 21時03分
2day is Tuesday Already lur!!!!!i seem did nth during in my break , Shit!i just know that i spend a lot $$$ in A few day ONly ..!!Recently, the weather cool down .However, i bought the new sandal in the last saturday with Erica!!!(thx for HER)..I LOVE IT SO MUCH ....believe i can wear it until May ...Hopefully !!Lastnite, i chat with my mum, SHe said she 'll come 2 perth ON June!......wht should i Do !?Actually it's good new for me ...coz i miss HER so much!!
This Afternoon , i with anthony hv a lunch at summerise then go shopping at Garden, Actually i wanna buy the Paull Frank 2 edith ...but it's not available ..i think i hv 2 find it at subiaco or frementle
Tomorrow i hope i can go on internet By ADSL ..Pls!!. I can't panient the 56k Already

Scare +Happy Friday 

2005年04月09日(土) 2時35分
Wah! My new background seems so nice! Yeah!!Today is not a good friday for me ...coz i hv class from 9-5 ..WTH! Anyway i'm quite happy as my presnetation is quite good (thx the guys in my group &correct my pronouncation ...))...and hand in the maths assignment ,,,as Well!.Yeah!!Hv a good starting !!!!Keep on going ...and study Hard...Also!!..After the class, erica called me can we hv a hot pot at my hse~~that's great !!then they help me to buy sth food ....then she , lokman ,on, Amy ...Wa Bad come to my hse .hv a hot pot!! make me So Fulll...... Easy to get Fat!!!>?after the dinner ...i feel stomachache .....So POOR....Then mio come .and play big 2 card with us ....Yeah!!i win !!!Of course , i don't receive their $$$...By the way ...So HAPPY AND LUCK FOR mE!!!!..2nite i receive the mail from Junko..good!
HOPefuly!!i can entry the daily always If I can!!!!>ha

Finshed the test!!on ThurS 

2005年04月22日(金) 3時32分
2day hv finished all test in this week ,,,,and i will hv a term break by the week ,Cool..Today i feel so scare when i was doin the test .....u know ! alll concept from finance for me ,which are the new and hard one for .....Fortunately i can solve all caclulation ...all correct !!yeah ......but some theory must be clearly....yeah! Anyway , thx for my beauty frd- Dinellel ....she help me to explain some concept ...yeah
after the class ..i with anthony plan ed go shopping in subiaco and hv a dinner in MaSUKI,,,but he feel not comfort as got a lot of assign to do we went back home abt 6....Oh.......a little bit disappointed for me i wanna go shopping to release my stress from the test ...
2nite , hv a dinner with erica ...thx for her hv dinner with m even though she had a dinner already !!then we talk a lot ...haha...feel so good !!!!actually Friendship ALso important iN PERTH ......2nite i don't do anything for my studying goo on internet for the whole nite until sleeping .......Haha....Download fiona new album .......Good!!!!!


2005年05月08日(日) 14時24分
Recently , it Have Happened a lot of unhappy event in Perth !!It really make me so annoying .Perphas it can make me growth !!!Hopefully this event passed it actually !!!Then we can find the new hse to hv a Good STARTING!!!!!!!
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香港生まれ(doing the Maths Finance In Curtin)
Try my best in studying ..More Independent ..
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