(15 best) Instaview v 1.0.4 how download for High Sierra

March 08 [Fri], 2019, 14:48
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(15 best) Instaview v 1.0.4 how download for High Sierra

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Instaview allows you to view Instagram photos and be connected to the Instagram community.
Create one or windows to show an Instagram stream. Turn on a slideshow for each window if you'd like. Each window can also have it's own elegant frame, a simple border or no frame at all, allowing you to create tight grids of streams.
Whether or not you've chosen a frame that displays information about the photo, mouse over the image to see an overlay of all the basic information for the photo. Click to see who's liked or commented on the photo and like the photo or add your own comment.
Create streams based on your own geographic location or choose one of the locations like New York City, San Francisco or Seattle that come within the application. Share your custom feeds by copying a URL which you can give to other Instaview users.
- Popular, My Feed, My Photos, My Liked, Location, User and Tag streams
- Photo details including likers, comments, location, and timeframe
- Rollover overlay for photo information
- Ability to like or comment on photos
- Ability to follow or stop following other contributors
- Customizable frames ranging from no frame to frames showing photo details
- Over 25 built-in geographic locations with ability to create custom location streams
- Optional tracking of unviewed photos
- Optional badging of the dock icon for unviewed photos
- Ability to create stream URLs to share with other Instaview users
- Slideshow mode for each stream window with configurable options
- Customizable interface (window selection, double-click behavior, badging, etc)
Note: An Instagram account is required to use Instaview. To learn how to create an Instagram account, please go to instagram.com. Also, Instagram does not allow other applications to submit photos.

New! version INSTAVIEW-1.2.4-5DKK.PKG | 4312 kb |

Best on iMac version.1.3.4.instaview.vnzdg7.dmg | 3354 kb |

on High Sierra Instaview.ver.3.0.4.SJSv.dmg | 3722 kb |

MacBook 1.0.6.Instaview.EQmP.zip | 4238 kb |



New OS X RapidCopy.1.5.1.pB5eO.zip [19814 kbytes] 3.3.1

Recomended! version fHt_iMaster_ASP.net_1.4.app [4096 kbytes] 1.1

Recomended to OS X USB.OVERDRIVE.V.5.4.UV9B.ZIP [538 kbytes] 3.5

[3169 kbytes] Software GgCPM Instaview 1.0.8 1.2.4 Featured for iMac Pro

[3059 kbytes] App INSTAVIEW 1.0.7 ODB 1.0.6 Updated 10.11.6

[3612 kbytes] Software Instaview v.1.0.7 LkbKY 1.0.6 Featured for 10.12.5

[4017 kbytes] Download v.1.3.4 Instaview bDqC8 1.1.4 Recomended! version

[3133 kbytes] Software 1.0.8 INSTAVIEW EFIC 1.2.4 MacOS

[2985 kbytes] Download RdJb 3.0.4 Instaview 1.0.8 New to 10.14.3

[4091 kbytes] ragt Instaview ver. 1.1.4 2.0.4 New on 10.14.3
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